• Eye Candy: 10 Female Actresses with Darling Dimples

    November 28, 2014 @ 12:28 am

    By now, we can all agree that people with dimples are just the cutest--so cute that you want to just pinch their cheeks. Last time, we had a list of female idols with darling dimples and now, we finally reveal our list of female actresses who has the most darling dimples!And without further ado, we present you our lineup of female actresses with the most darling dimples. Check out our part one, part two, part three, and part four of our series f

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  • Yoon Se Ah to join 'Laws of the Jungle' Palau edition with Baro, Sam Hammington, and more

    October 31, 2014 @ 7:51 pm

    Yoon Se Ah has been confirmed to join Kim Byung Man's tribe in Palau for SBS' 'Laws of the Jungle'! Her agency Neos Entertainment confirmed to Star News on the 30th, "Yoon Se Ah has decided to join filming for the Palau edition of 'Laws of the Jungle'... She will depart for her first filming towards the end of November."Yoon Se Ah will join the previously confirmed members B1A4's Baro, Rose Motel's Yuk Joong Wan, Sam Hammington, and Sa

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  • Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah have a teary farewell on 'We Got Married'

    March 2, 2013 @ 7:03 pm

    Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah had a teary farewell on 'We Got Married'. Though March 2nd marked the couple's final episode, fans are hoping that it's not the last time they'll be seeing the two together. The couple decided to sit down and have a heart-to-heart during their last meeting as on-screen husband and wife. Frustratingly, the two found out about something that had lead to a lot of misunderstanding. It turned out that Julien Kang h

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  • Yoon Se Ah comments on leaving 'We Got Married'

    March 2, 2013 @ 12:41 pm

    Actress Yoon Se Ah expressed her feelings about leaving 'We Got Married' and ending her 8-month on-screen marriage with Julien Kang. With the photo above, Yoon Se Ah tweeted, "Whose chicken leg is this? I was really happy during 'WGM'. I won't forget how thankful I feel to everyone who supported me." Though the picture was taken during their last filming together, it seems like the two stars were still in good spirits. Fans commented

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  • Yoon Se Ah and Julien Kang to find out a secret on final 'We Got Married' episode

    March 1, 2013 @ 3:35 pm

    Viewer curiosity was sparked after it was revealed that Yoon Se Ah and Julien Kang would be let in on a secret on their final 'We Got Married' episode. The upcoming March 2nd episode of the MBC show marks the final broadcast for the on-screen couple, who will be followed up by real-life couple Jo Jung Chi and Jung In. During filming for the White Day episode, Julien Kang said, "I prepared a gift for White Day, and it ended up being my f

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  • Yoon Se Ah surprises Julien Kang with her traditional 'toilet paper' dance on 'We Got Married'

    February 23, 2013 @ 10:23 pm

    Yoon Se Ah surprised Julien Kang with another one of her dances on February 23rd's 'We Got Married'. Those of you who have been watching the show may remember that the actress tends to dance to the beat of her own drum. During their traditional Korean wedding, Yoon Se Ah's guest Shin Da Eun revealed the strange story of how they first got to know each other. Shin Da Eun shared, "When I first met Yoon Se Ah, she seemed very feminine. Then o

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  • 'We Got Married's Yoon Se Ah and Julien Kang bid farewell to fans through a selca

    February 21, 2013 @ 6:49 am

    'We Got Married' couple Yoon Se Ah and Julien Kang will be leaving the show after their 7-month long 'marriage', and presented fans with a heartwarming selca to remember them by. Yoon Se Ah shared on her Twitter, "Warm Winter", along with a couple shot of her and Julien Kang looking cozy with each other under pretty snowflakes effects. Although she probably meant to console the 'shoulder - cherry' couple fans, it's hard not to be feelin

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  • Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah to leave 'We Got Married'

    February 18, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

    Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah will be leaving 'We Got Married'. The couple has not filmed for their last date yet, but MBC said, "It's true that Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah are leaving 'We Got Married'. We're surprised that the articles came out saying they will be leaving even before they filmed their last episode. We even decided on the couple that will be replacing them." Jo Jung Chi and Jung In will be replacing the pair after they leav

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  • Yoon Se Ah and Julien Kang have a traditional Korean wedding on 'We Got Married'

    February 16, 2013 @ 9:30 pm

    Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah had a traditional Korean wedding on February 16th's 'We Got Married 4'. Guests from the show's host panel, Kim Jung Min, Danny Ahn, and Lee Ji Hae, as well as actresses Shin Da Eun and Seo Shin Ae attended. Kim Jung Min congratulated the couple by singing his own song "Sad Vow". He suggested that the couple kiss during his performance, and Yoon Se Ah gave Julien Kang a kiss on the cheek for the first time. Shi

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  • Julien Kang warms Yoon Se Ah's heart with a sweet homemade gift on 'We Got Married'

    February 9, 2013 @ 10:00 pm

    Julien Kang gave Yoon Se Ah a warm feeling of happiness with a sweet homemade gift on 'We Got Married'. On the February 9th Lunar New Year episode, Julien Kang presented the actress with ginger tea he made himself. Yoon Se Ah explained, "We talked a few days ago, and I guess he was worried because I was sick with a cold." She went on, "He gave me homemade ginger tea, and he also gave me a scarf. Not only me, but he gave [the staff on se

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