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Saturday Night Party Playlist

Yes, it's Saturday night and you know what that means… Party like K-Pop Stars! Below are some song recommendations to make your Saturday night eve…

   Sunday, September 16, 2012   16,814   51,889   0
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Concerts / Events

U-KISS to take "Neverland" overseas

Kiss Me's all across Asia have been begging the boys of U-KISS to come perform in their respective countries, and it looks like their wish has bee…

   Thursday, September 22, 2011   33,444   0   0

Music Releases

U-KISS achieves #1 on various charts

U-KISS has been gaining popularity after coming back with their new album. After coming back on the 8th of this month with a spectacular perfor…

   Thursday, September 15, 2011   25,328   0   0