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Heechul reveals the frightening experience he had with sasaengs

By jennywill   14 days ago   59,785   3,710   0



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Heechul revealed frightening experiences with sasaengs.

He and Cosmic Girls will be on KBS b' 'We Like Zines!' on the 11th. During the show, Heechul talked about a sasaeng who had figured out his door passcode, and put their underwear with the members' underwear. They even texted Heechul and said, "Oppa, your teddy bear underwear is so cute."

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He also revealed, "When I changed my cell phone number, I got a text right away saying, 'Even if you change your number, we already know it'. It was so scary and I got goosebumps."

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lilliana 12 days ago

OMG, that's so scary! It's like a ghost following you around...

elfinkyy 13 days ago

But we all know if they ever tried anything with Heechul he would give them a piece of his mind lol

Charmingyu 13 days ago

I would cry

Elisabeth_V_M 13 days ago

How do they even find out the numbers??

Alastair 13 days ago

This is fucking ridiculous. How the hell can any sane person think this is okay. How obsessive can a fan be to the point that they think that stalking their faves and violating their privacy is something they're faves want them to be doing? The worst thing is, saesang fans tend to be minors so the police can't go locking them up. I want them to experience Black Mirror shit where they're caught doing something crazy/embarrassing/idfc on they're webcam and they're so shook when they get that first message saying "Do xyz for us or were putting this on every social media platform" That'll set them straight.

Winston Alastair 13 days ago

I guess to them accessing their idol's private space feels like they are "tasting the forbidden fruit" and doing something that no other fan can do, its the thrill of it, like some fans will be happy with just a handshake or a back hug from their idol, some will want more than that as a hug is nothing "special" anymore, maybe a kiss on the cheeck or even wanting to touch their idol's abs and more. I think when idols do more "fan service" for their fans, i find the fans greed for more grows. just as you wont see 90's idols baring their abs in the past, but its so common nowadays,

lye54 Alastair 13 days ago

That's what happened when these people are in love with them. Those fans see them as boyfriend so therefore they stalk them to get their attention. 2pm used to sleep with the pretty ones or take advantage of them. Some Idols even treat them badly.

Winston lye54 13 days ago

I wont call it "love" as you dun do that to your boyfriend or girl friend, as in illegally entering their house or a gf putting her underwear with her boyfriend together. I think its more of an obession or OCD, Obessive compulsive disorder where the people has a need to constantly stalk and check his idol's private life and wanting to be a part of his life. or it could be Erotomania where the fans is in a delusion that someone of higher status or a celebrity is "in love" with him or her, These "fans" need mental treatment seriously.

lye54 Winston 13 days ago

I think it can be both quite frankly. They are some people who can be stalkers when they love someone. Look at those jelly ones who wants to control everything. They are also the ones who have mental issues I agree.

Winston lye54 12 days ago

I am saying when you stalk someone its no longer called "love", Love is about caring for the other person and not pissing him or her off. and Stalking do just that.

AshleyDaUnicorn 13 days ago

Saesangs are scary.

sonelflee 13 days ago

As a long time Heechul fans of 8 years, I have heard a lot of his bad storiess of saesangs from him.

SuperFly_Snuka 13 days ago

That's really frightening

Galaxy_Angel 13 days ago

true fans would become famous to get close to them...if you try to get close to them as a fan you come off as crazy...which is sad....

BakaKaori Galaxy_Angel 13 days ago

if someone you're a fan of motivates you to pursue a certain career that's cool. but if you go through all the rigors of becoming an idol just so you can be close to someone, that's still creepy and crazy.

Winston BakaKaori 13 days ago

True, there are fans who later become idols themselves. i recall Chaeyoung (singer) also once said she met Turbo's Kim Joong Kook when she was a young fan and she later become a singer and was able to meet him on a stage and in a variety show. same for Jeon Somi and Gong Minzy also.

mind_blown 13 days ago

Those sasaeng fans ruins everything for everybody. Geez back off!

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