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CNBLUE's Yonghwa reveals he was cast for his handsome face

By KpopJoA   11 days ago   18,934   4,044   0



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On the July 10th episode of tvN's 'Island Musketeers'CNBLUE's Yonghwa discussed how he became a star thanks to his good looks.

While eating ramen, Kang Ho Dong asked how the singer made his debut, and Yonghwa then revealed he became famous as an ulzzang after posting pictures of himself on his Cyworld page. He explained, "I was cast for my handsome face, but I was good at singing too."

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Hearing this, Kang Ho Dong added, "Do you think you would be living a different life if it wasn't for Cyworld back then?"  Yonghwa explained, "I wanted to live the glamorous Seoul life. I was residing in Busan at that time. When I told my mom I got cast, she told me to visit Seoul and go sightseeing. She couldn't fully comprehend how I managed to receive the casting offer."

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federick 10 days ago

Well, I've got to admit that it is true.

johwa 10 days ago

...ha ! ha! ha!...funny.....the drummer and the other guitar player are way "hotter w/ better looks"......!!!!

crowboy johwa 10 days ago

Are you alright? He said he was cast because of his appearance - which is true. What does it matter if you find other members more attractive? It doesn't mean Yonghwa isn't attractive or wasn't cast because of his appearance~ Sorry~

ShayMin 11 days ago

Yeah, we know.

2fat 11 days ago

I always get hate because I think this dude is boring. He seems to be at his best on stage. He looks hot, he fronts his band well, with the right amount of ego and sweat. I really think he should stick to that. No shade if you really can't act. Doesn't matter if you're boring on variety. Just do what you do best, no harm in that. Not every man is a renaissance man. Fighting.

hexrealm 2fat 11 days ago

I think he is pretty good in variety. He is better than most idols actually and I am not even comparing him with those idols who are shy and quiet in nature.

JustYourHom1e 2fat 10 days ago

You get hate bcz you seem to be in a lot of his article being negative about him. What's the problem people not agreeing with you so u have to keep repeating yourself for every article he is on until you feel validated ? So he is boring to u but there are thousands who don't? I found some actors bad but I don't go to their article spewing my negative thoughts? And no you can't just tell people not to stick w/ one thing they're good at. There are legends out & success story out there bcz they tried hard when people like you told them to quit. There are thousands of his fans who wants to watch him in dramas. Give yourself permission not to watch it. Give yourself some loving and just completely ignore him. It won't kill Yonghwa and his career if you drop off and watch something you enjoy instead.

2fat JustYourHom1e 10 days ago

Well I won't watch him if the other cast members aren't someone I want to see. I liked the Musketeer series because I think that role suited him, and I liked the rest of the cast. I was disappointed they didn't pick it up for the planned second season. I'm sorry if you're offended. I did complement him on being good in his band. I can't help it if his fans are blind to his terrible acting skills.

JustYourHom1e 2fat 10 days ago

We can't help it too that those who is blind to his potential keep putting him down because they think they have the authority & expertise to critc & everyone should just blindly follow what they say. Do look yourself in the mirrow. That's what Yonghwa advised us all.

jesonbrom (Banned) 11 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

Nanazayn 11 days ago

Oh God, I've been seeing hate comments saying yonghwa is a narcissistic. If you're not a fan at least watch how he says it cause that's just how he usually jokes. And what is so bad about loving yourself too much? It's not that he said someone is ugly. He's just saying he's handsome and got casted due to that which are both facts. What's wrong with that? And on top of that he's not just a face and visual but a really talented musician, singer and songwriter. I'm sorry you're not him. And I'm sorry that you're trying so hard to hate him but he doesn't care and would rather spend his time looking at his face in the mirror duhhh

UKihyun Nanazayn 11 days ago

he's not even saying anything that's not true or exaggerating. people with poor esteem just hate people with good self esteem. he literally cannot help being handsome. and why would we want him to?

crowboy 11 days ago

lmao at people saying he's so narcissistic. he was cast because of his appearance, it's a fact; why can't he say it?

jjuneah 11 days ago

hey, I retype what CNBLUE korean fan tweet, >> he didnt say "glamorous seoul life",  hejust said that he was studying for CSAT at the time and wanted to enter college in Seoul" <

Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

of course he was cast for his ’’handsome'’ face. Does he think he has acting skills or something? And please, the entertainment industry is full of better looking men WITH loads of talent like Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub. What does he think he is?

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

he is ulzzang along with Sam D, Im Siwan Jonghyun, and other busan ulzzang. yeah director of You are beautiful insist him in his drama. bitter more you. and yes he is a good songwriter, good vocalist, good composer and producer. his solo album sold >100k, 18 concert of his first solo tour.

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

to be exactly, he is 1000000000x way better and have better life than you who just hiding behind keyboard to throw tantrum over your pathetic real life

Longan_Lychee jjuneah 11 days ago

His voice is good and he is a good musician, that I never denied. Im Si Wan is ulzzang, others are ... :/

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

your comments are all irrelevant just to shows how much you are his antis

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

just stop drag So Ji Sub, Jo In sung or other actors to throw your tantrum to Yonghwa. just say who exactly your idols and actors, go there in their articles. lol you must have very pathetic life to exist in every article of an artist you dont like lmao

Longan_Lychee jjuneah 11 days ago

Bitch I’ll do what I want. You can’t control me.

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

btch your pathetic life must be very miserable that you got threat by every article of Yonghwa that doesnt evenknow you and he still living his good life

Longan_Lychee jjuneah 11 days ago

Your fugly Yonghwa doesn’t even know you exist so you better look yourself in the mirror

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

you are so jealous a typical unnies worshiper. you cant differentiate criticism with hating. your tantrum in all over article that doesnt related to act. what are you 11th ? ask your mother for milk and go to bed now. if you have mental issue go to psychologist.

Gigyyyyy Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

What do you want? The article didnt mention about his cast for acting... lol.. try to read it first

Longan_Lychee Gigyyyyy 11 days ago

You have issues in reading comprehension. Go to school kiddo, then come and reply me.

Longan_Lychee jjuneah 11 days ago

You’re so dumb, a typical oppar worshiper. Any criticism is ’’hating’’ or ’’jealousy’’ to you. What are you, twelve? Lmao go to school kid.

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

you are so jealous a typical unnies worshiper. you cant differentiate criticism with hating. your tantrum in all over article that doesnt related to act. what are you 11th ? ask your mother for milk and go to bed now. if you have mental issue go to psychologist.

Longan_Lychee jjuneah 10 days ago

Well, I’m pretty sure they were talking about acting ’'On the July 10th episode of tvN's 'Island Musketeers', CNBLUE's Yonghwa discussed how he became a star thanks to his good looks.’’ Again, reading comprehension is the key. And his acting sucks arse and he has no chemistry with his leads.

jjuneah Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

you're trying to looks smart is failed. pretty sure is not same with sure. reading comprehension is not the key here yet your reading comprehension itself is failed just from the short trans at this article. your healthy mind is the main key but it's enough to know how not healthy yours is by keep on out topic comment, ignorant person is. also you just indicate again how you didnt even watch clip and not even understand korean. Just simply hate cnblue member named Yonghwa

JustYourHom1e Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

This is not about his acting dude. This is about variety show called Island Musketeer or Island Trio as sometimes known w/c he is currently on. In that show they talked about how they started in this industry and he shared that he was casted by fnc bcz his face was found through cyber world for being an ullzang face. You must be mistaken this for his drama "The Three Musketeers" which BTW he was praised for his improved acting. You definitely need to check your comprehension on things related to YH as your dislike or hate is blinding you . Sit down on this. You can stand up next October when he comes out w/ his new drama "The Package".

isblml Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

At least he's way way way better than you. 😊

lye54 11 days ago

He needs to get over himself. He is so narcissistic!!!

Longan_Lychee lye54 11 days ago

I know right, his looks are so mediocre and he indirectly calls himself handsome. He doesn’t even realize that the only reason he is getting those roles is because FNC pushed him so hard and that one role in You are Beautiful, which succeeded only because of the actual leads.

jjuneah lye54 11 days ago

His confidence or narcist harm you, lol

Gigyyyyy Longan_Lychee 11 days ago

We dont talk about his acting here... what do you want actually???

jjuneah Gigyyyyy 11 days ago

just throw tantrum over their miserable lifes. you know they hiding behind keyboard to hate other. obviously cant love theirself and just to jealous of others

JustYourHom1e lye54 10 days ago

This narcissistic person is at least not hurting or disturbing anyone except you. Love yourself and love others. Definitely start with yourself. This person has thousands who love him while you are behind the computer spewing negativity.

JustYourHom1e Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

Now this makes you really pathetic. FNC pushing him in those roles? Well good for FNC😂. I did not know you work in FNC and was a know it all when they made deals for YH's drama. Boy for someone who hate & dislike him you actually watched all his drama? You know you don't have too . You can just definitely sit out on him and ignore him . No skin off his nose you know😂 He still receives lots of offer and pays him and FNC for taking the role. His other dramas just have a rerun on other countries TV for being in demand. So give your heart a break from all this saltiness.

JustYourHom1e Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

And this article BTW he did not call himself handsome? OTHER PEOPLE (maybe not u) called him handsome and his face was #1 ullzang in the cyber world that's how FNC found out about him😂. FNC then literally hound him many times to sign in for their company which probably negates your "mediocre look" . FNC primary criteria for signing artists are bcz of their looks😂. Also YH was one of the actual leads? He's the second male lead and many suffered the "second lead syndrome bcz of him & shin hye's chemistry? Thus Heartstrings was created to continue that love team. Seriously you are getting pathetic in trying to underrate him it's comical. You may not like his acting but he gained thousands of fans followers bcz of it. Give it a rest. There are other people & his fans who are waiting to watch him in dramas. As a warning don't watch him in "The Package" cz he is on it. 😂

lye54 JustYourHom1e 10 days ago

Having an opinion doesn't make you a hater because you don't like what I have to say. Not everyone is kissing his butt and think he is hot. It's called taste. Also don't ever assume people attention. I do not need to work as hard as them to make the same amount of money. Also not everybody craves attention and need to be loved by strangers. Only insecure people do.

jjuneah lye54 10 days ago

having opinion and throwing tantrum through hate words is different. and she loves YH with his drama or acting also her opinion and it doesnt make her have to kiss his butt lmao. love or like an artist =/= kissing their butt lmao your opinion here is just another prove how you hate him. try again to look wise, fair or smart. insecure people and craves attention just like you. confident and full of loves people doesnt bother to make unnecessary or unrelated comment over an articles of artist they dont like, they just busy watching the artist or attend the events.

lye54 jjuneah 10 days ago

I don't hate him at all. You are assuming that I do. Your response is the typical insecure person. Taste and opinion have nothing to do with hate honey. Get your facts straight. Assumptions are not facts :)

JustYourHom1e lye54 10 days ago

Lol! Don't give that opinion excuse. You don't have the prerogative of it. But it doesn't mean you don't get flak when your opinion does not even relate to the article ur commenting. That just shows us what motivate you to make this negative comment you ca ll opinion. And your own narcissistic self is showing too. Who asked you if you make enough or more money more than this people? Lol? Self important much? And we are getting our facts straight. It's you who are hiding behind anonymity spewing distasteful taste & negative opinion which has something to do with being hateful. And some commenter recognized you as an fti fan. Maybe you should look closely at what motivates you to be so negative about Yonghwa. Coz honey you are not entitled to your opinion . You are only entitled to INFORMED opinion. It does not entitled you to be ignorant especially with regard to Yonghwa.

Longan_Lychee JustYourHom1e 10 days ago

so butthurt...

JustYourHom1e Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

That's what assholes like you say when they get buggered. Lmao!

Longan_Lychee JustYourHom1e 10 days ago

Your fugly Yonghwa oppar debuted first as an actor in You Are Beautiful (a terrible drama imo, that fugly and rude male lead got the girl so I hated it) so yes, me mentioning his acting and that his ’’good’’ looks was the only reason he got casted was a fact. But you butthurt oppar worshipers are so dumb and think that any critique is ’’hating’’ and ’’jealousy’’ lmao. Go back to school kids.

JustYourHom1e Longan_Lychee 10 days ago

Your fugly self need to go back to nursery where your oral stage should have been taken care of. Now it turned to an adult tantruming bcz the movie she/ he watched did not turn to her/ his liking lol! You're the one who is a dumb asshole for being a butthurt about a movie you did not like and spew negativity on it and named it a pathetic excuse of a critique. You're the one who is hating as you confess & admitted yourself . Jealous? Lol! of u? for what? Take a look at yourself, cz u sound so jealous that the movie did well when you hated it you are calling all the male leads fugly. You can't even see yourself for being the fugly self yourself. Grow up kid and move on from that movie . It is stunting your mental growth. Ahahaha!

lye54 JustYourHom1e 10 days ago

It pisses you off that people do not share the same opinion than you. You cannot take it and you cannot be rational either. Taste and Opinion have nothing to do with hate. You just don't want to admit it because you are a kissing his ass. It doesn't matter how much you say clearly you cannot have a conversation with mature people kid. Go play in your playground baby that is where you belong!

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