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Inconsistencies found in sexual assault accusations against NU'EST's Baekho

By jennywill   30 days ago   147,645   8,314   0



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Inconsistencies have been found in the sexual assault accusations against NU'EST's Baekho.

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The original post made in May has been found, and the accuser claims the incident happened 7 years ago when she was 15. However, in the current post, she claims it happened 8 years ago when she was 14. In the original post, she talks about Baekho being her older brother's friend, but the mention of the older brother has completely disappeared from her current story. 

In the original post, she even claims that her older brother was sitting right next to her when the assault happened, but in her current post, she left the seat next to her blank. Many are questioning why her brother would do nothing while his friend was groping his little sister. She also claimed that all her mother did when she found out was scold Baekho over the phone and the two families stayed close together even after, which many are also finding hard to believe.

Not only so, but in her original post, she claimed that she and Baekho graduated from the same elementary school and middle school on Jeju Island. However, because Baekho was signed to Pledis Entertainment at a young age, he graduated middle school in Seoul's Okjeong Middle School (the uniforms he is wearing below in his middle school graduation photos are also from Okjeong Middle School).

Furthermore, according to the original post it happened 7 years ago in the winter, but by that time, Baekho was already cast by Pledis Entertainment (May 2010), so he would not have been attending a fine arts cram school as claimed. There is speculation this is the reason why the newer post changed it to 8 years ago.

A fan also called the number as appeared in the video, which is revealed for a split second, and found that the person who picked up was not Baekho, but an older man who wanted to know why he was getting so many calls. 

Fans also found that in one screenshot, she has 57% battery at 1:27AM. However, at 1:28AM, which according to her own words was on the same day, she suddenly has 40% battery life, which seems almost impossible.

What do you think about the situation?

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  2. Baekho

Anonabot 28 days ago

Sounds similar to the Park Yoo-chun case. Unfortunately for Baekho, there is likely no CCTV to disprove the accuser's account. However, the account seems to have as many holes as your typical household colander.

minmicomment 29 days ago

This is just plain stupid! If this really happened to her then she better sue the real culprit and not pin point to an innocent person.. and if she's really lying (which is pretty obvious) i hope she'll be punished and face jail time or what ever verdict it is so she could learn her lessons and engraved it to her brain how stupid she is.. deym!

Hyungshi 29 days ago

all these story is amusing when it gets busted... she better have dig a big hole to hide

Lover1492 29 days ago

I smell bs

123PoP 29 days ago

With all the drama/war built from produce 101, I would not doubt that this is made up to hurt Baekho. Still it's a serious accusation and has to be investigated thoroughly.

anon1357 29 days ago

OP responded to the above. Update?

anon1357 29 days ago

Also, Pledis' new statement

sreynoch_yous anon1357 29 days ago

not yet, M here waiting the response from them while streaming NUEST's MV.

shannnnt 29 days ago

Lol if you wanna drag someone down at least make sure you did your homework right. -.-

propanda 29 days ago

If the girl was lying about whole thing and trying to defame him I seriously wish she will face serious legal consequences over this since accusations like this can end someone's career.

chiathedoll 29 days ago

the girl is a fraud and needs to get THE SAME punishment he would've gotten if he was found guilty. I am sick of these girls trying to accuse guys of sexual assault with ulterior motives. This happens in American colleges to college athletes all the time I've seen it so much it makes me sick.

JamlessCookies 29 days ago

dang such voluminous hair

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