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13 reasons to be a Buddy to G-Friend

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G-Friend is one of the trendiest girl groups of late despite being only a little over a year old!  Every release has been a hit, starting with debut track "Glass Bead" and moving onto their previous track "Rough," which earned them not only their first win but a whopping fourteen music show victories after that!  They're grabbing people's hearts once again with their current song "Navillera," which has already won a couple times a week after its release.

So why aren't you a Buddy to G-Friend already?  Because you don't like the friend zone? Either way, check out these reasons below - they'll make you even more certain you have to join their fan club!

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1. Let's get this outta the way! Their immensely powerful choreo and knife-like synchronization!

Even at... TWO TIMES the speed!

2. Everyone wants SinB as their oppar

From her hilarious hyper-ness,

and her laugh that is either screeching or completely silent

to her dedicated No-Face impersonation

3. Yuju's crazy antics on variety shows will make you burst into laughter without fail

4. Eunha's heart-piercing aegyo is too cute to handle~

Her new haircut makes her aegyo doubly fatal! 

Meanwhile, Yuju...

5. Sowon's overflowing affection for her members

She especially can't get enough of baby Umji

6. Yuju's amazing vocals will leave you speechless

7. They don't care about their image, so they feel like friends

Poor Yonghwa... SinB and Yerin were even warned by their company to act more like a girl group!  Buuuut they're probably still like IDGAF.

8. The Tom & Jerry line has a lot of promise xD

Ohhh mother Sowon, control your child SinB… or not

9. Umji is the younger sister you always wanted

You'll just want to put her in your pocket.  She would melt all of that ice.

10. Eunha's addicting and contagious laugh

ah hah hah hah eu heu heu heu

11. It's always a dance party with these girls

And... they have the weirdest personal dances.  Chicken or data dance?

12. Yerin always wants a kiss

Victim: Sowon

Victim: Eunha

Victim (?): Yuju

13. They're too good to play bad girls well

Of course there are a lot more like their addicting, catchy, good songs; great visuals; and more, but those are givens.  Happy stanning!




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vip_and_army 19 days ago

TRUEEEE I LOVE THEMMMMMM AND CAN I ADD SOMETHING??? THYER'RE TRULY CAME FROM SMALL AGENCY, people even didn't know at all what is gfriend when they're debut but NOW THEY EVEN COUDL PUT THEIR SONG IN BILLIBOARDS OMO I'am on tearsssss

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Exo_Leia Saturday, July 23, 2016

Okay I always enjoyed SinB and Yuju and I've only watched one episode of Weekly Idol with Gfriend, but after watching all of this, I'm afraid I may start stanning these girls ;-;

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ROXX25 Saturday, July 23, 2016

i wanna be a Buddy forever

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