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Star Empire to debut new male group IMPACT

April 15, 2013 @ 8:41 pm
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Star Empire will be debuting a new male group named IMPACT.

News of their debut was posted onto the Facebook page of fellow labelmate ZE:A'. The post revealed, "Five boys vocal group < Impact >'s official twitter is opening ! Van An, Sungho Kang, Junghu Seok, Jangmoon Byun and Pilrib Ryu are going to be debut in 2013 !!".

The post seems to say that the members' names are Van, Sungho, Junghu, Jangmoon, and Pilrib.

IMPACT will be making their official debut soon, but they previously held performances at Lotte World. Star Empire has produced groups such as ZE:A and Jewelry, so they have a bright future.

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