M.I.B participates in the 'Sharing Coal Briquette in Love' event

December 25, 2012 @ 12:30 pm
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The hip-hop group M.I.B participated in the 'Sharing Coal Briquette in Love' event.

The four member participated in the charity event that donated 6,000 coal briquettes and other items to those in need. They helped move the coal briquettes, and also delivered rice, toilet paper, ramen, and other items to the elderly. Even though it was cold, the M.I.B members also took the role of encouraging the rest of the volunteers into a happy mood.

M.I.B said, "It was a meaningful time for all the members because it was a community service that shared love by carrying out sharing through coal briquettes. We hope the elderly who live alone can have a warm winter through the coal briquettes and other items that we delivered."

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