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NU'EST questioned by police at Singapore airport due to extreme fans

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Pledis Entertainment has informed allkpop that rookie idol group NU'EST had a minor incident following their Singapore showcase where they were detained and questioned by the local police.

After successfully finishing their first showcase in Singapore on the 28th, the group boarded a plane bound for Korea at the airport. However, as hundreds of fans gathered to see their idols off, the airport soon became clogged as it was not designed to handle this many people at one time. The atmosphere quickly became chaotic, and three of the NU'EST members - JR, Minhyun, and Aron - were told to leave the aircraft and were transported to a nearby police station and subjected to questioning.

"After completing their first showcase, the NU'EST members boarded an airplane for Korea," Pledis said. "However, due to a sudden incident where hundreds of fans gathered in one spot calling out for NU'EST, three of the members were deplaned."

Pledis expressed their surprise at the number of fans that turned up at the airport, noting that the fans came from not only Singapore, but from surrounding countries, as well.

Although they were forced to miss their flight and take the next available one out of the country, all of the NU'EST members are back in Korea, Pledis said. "Thank you for worrying about us."

It's not clear why the police chose to deplane the three members or what was asked during the questioning. Thankfully, everything worked out and all members returned to Korea safe and sound.


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neah_96 Friday, September 13, 2013

strong boys, they got through this well :)

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