Appeals rejected, Tablo's saga with Tajinyo comes to an end

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Back in July, the members of an internet cafe that slandered Tablo with the title Tajinyo, or 'We demand the truth from Tablo' requested for an appeal and the appeals have been rejected.

On October 10th, the Seoul District Court held their verdict and sentenced 8 Tajinyo members. "Mr. Lee" and two others will serve 10 months in jail while "Mr. Song" and five others will serve 2 years of probation. If they violate the terms of probation, they will serve 8-10 months in jail.

"Ms. Park" was the only one to receive a reduced sentence. She was originally sentenced to 10 months of jail time in the first trial. However, her atopic dermatitis (skin condition) and other factors made her jail stay complicated, so her sentenced was changed to a 2 year probation and 200 hours of community service. If she violates the terms of the probation, she faces the possibility of being sentenced to 2 years maximum in prison.

Chief judge Park Gwang Geun stated, "The motive for the crime was impure and because the crime was committed several times, the offense is considered immoral. The damage includes disregard of human dignity and value, and the level of damage is serious. The defendants' crimes were impure and the repeated actions were vulgar. I believe that we must set an example because we live in an era where 'false accusations / hate comments' are prevalent, we need to prevent something like this from happening again."

Back in 2010, Tajinyo made malicious claims about the validity of Tablo's Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Stanford University.

With this, it seems Tablo's long saga with Tajinyo has finally come to an end.

Source & Image: Segye News via Sports World


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