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Psy crowned the #1 artist that Koreans most prefer

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Singer Psy has triumped Girls' Generation to become the #1 artist most preferred by Koreans!

The Korean Gallup (poll site) recently polled 630 adults from September 10th to 11th to ask which Korean singer they most prefer out of the artists active this year, and Psy came in at #1 with 19% of total votes. Girls' Generation came in second place with 13% of the votes, while idol group B2ST came in third with 5%. Big Bang and KARA tied for 4th place respectively with 4%.

Gallup Korea conducted the same poll last year, where Girls' Generation came in first place with 26% of the votes, followed by Big Bang (8%), Jang Yoon Jung (7%), and Kim Bum Soo & IU (6%).

28% of the voters were in their 20's, while those in their 40's and 50's also showed much interest in Psy by voting. The age group which most preferred Girls' Generation were users in their 20's (19%).

When the users were asked whether or not they have seen the "Gangnam Style" music video, 76% remarked that they did, and when asked what first comes to mind when they think "Gangnam Style", 25% answered, 'dance/horse dance'.

36% of them admitted to emulating the 'horse riding dance' themselves, and when asked if they thought that "Gangnam Style" which is currently taking the world by storm would help improve the nation's image, 41% remarked that it would, and 81% remarked that it would help improve Korea's image by 40%.

Source & Image: SportsChosun via Nate


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