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Jay Park to perform with his B-boy team AOM on 'Music On Top'

March 6, 2012 @ 6:35 pm
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Singer Jay Park's B-boy team AOM (Art of Movement) will be performing on stage with him on jTBC's 'Music On Top'!

In addition to performing his title song "Know Your Name" from his first full-length album, Jay has also prepared a special minute-long 'B-boy' performance.

Expectations are high for this stage, as AOM is a team with which Jay worked with since before his debut, and this is AOM's very first music program performance.

AOM & Jay Park also completed a successful stage collaboration at Jay's first independent concert back on March 3rd, earning the high praise of the audience members.

"We don't feel too intimidated, as we will be performing with Jay as we always have," AOM said, displaying their confidence. "We think we will be able to enjoy ourselves."

Fans also expressed their excitement saying, "Looking forward to the AOM stage!", "Couldn't go to the concert, but I'll get to see them on 'Music On Top'!", and more.

jTBC's 'Music On Top' airs live every Wednesday at 6:40PM KST.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate



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