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2NE1's Park Bom does the catwalk on the beach

February 6, 2012 @ 8:13 am
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2NE1's Park Bom wowed fans with her long legs earlier this week, and they made their return in this three-shot photo collection from the beach.

On February 6th, Park Bom posted on her me2day, "My stupid parade. Walking like a model hahaha. Then, all of sudden, I turn around and pose. It's exciting, so I stop. And then, I suddenly do a dancing pose! Watch me have a lot of fun."

The vocalist is seen strutting her stuff down the beach, as she pretends that the stretch of sand is really a catwalk. Fans chuckled over Park Bom's exaggerated movements, from her haughty head-tilt to her cheerleader pose.

They commented, "It seems like you're having a lot of fun in the Philippines" and "This is overflowing with charisma. The people behind you probably couldn't look away!"

Source + Image: Park Bom's me2day

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