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B1A4 reveals their fourth member, Sandeul!

April 13, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
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After revealing their first three members, upcoming boy band, B1A4, has updated their website revealing their 4th member, Sandeul. A representative of WM Entertainment stated, "Sandeul is always smiling, so he makes people feel happy. He's serious when he sings, though, which is why he's the member that we all feel deserves to be the main vocalist." Unfortunately, their official homepage was hacked by international fans on April 12th, leading to the full image of the members to be leaked ahead of their release. B1A4 will still go ahead with their teasers by unveiling the final member on the 15th. So stay tuned for the final revelation of CNU tomorrow night! Source: B1A4 Website, Sports World via Nate

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