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[UPDATE] Huh Gong releases debut track + MV, "I Only Love You"

March 24, 2011 @ 12:22 am
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Huh Gong, the twin brother of "Superstar K2" contestant Huh Gak, made his singing debut on March 24th through the release of "I Only Love You", featuring miss A's Fei and Suh Doo Won. Huh Gong joined Mnet's special hip hop brand album, "New Story Part 1" (which will feature other artists like Rhymer and Sunny Side's Chang), as the album's title track feature. "I Only Love You" was written by composer Na Ui Hyun (known for MC Mong's "Indian Boy") and features guest rapping by Hoony Hoon. Na praised, "Most men have difficulty reaching such a high key, but Huh Gong was able to reach it with no problem, which surprised us all." A representative of the album production team added, "Huh Gong was hesitant to participate in the album at first because of the pressure, but we emphasized that he had impressive talent as a singer and finally persuaded him to take part." Check it out below! Source: EDaily, Star Today via Naver Tip: Jae

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