Manager of TaJinYo boasts, "Even the president knows me"

October 2, 2010 @ 4:17 am
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With MBC's special episode on Tablo revealing the inner-workings of anti-cafes TaJinYo and SangShinSe, public opinion on Tablo's controversy has been swaying, possibly for the better. However, the ringleader behind the controversy doesn't seem finished with the case and has stepped into the limelight himself. MBC's episode revealed that TaJinYo banned all members who weren't of the same opinion. Regarding this, representatives of TaJinYo refuted, "Our cafe was created to speculate on the suspicions surrounding Tablo's education history. We have many people joining to try and prove us wrong, but those discussions are meant for other cafes, not ours." A post by TaJinYo's leader, "whatbecomes," was also revealed. The message states:

"The reason my posts are so aggressive is because I can stand against Tablo, his agency, his family, and his lawyers all by myself. Tablo doesn't seem to know who I am and continues to fool around, but I am a very famous person in America. If people found out who I am, even President Lee Myung Bak would greet me. The minute Tablo touches our cafe members, (my power) can make his lawyers' firm shut down immediately."
Netizens have become more supportive of Tablo and are ridiculing the "crazy antics" of TaJinYo: "He is the second Choi Hee Jin", "Try and shut down my homepage first if you have so much power," and "Look at this psycho go. TaJinYo is nothing more than an anti-cafe." What are you thoughts? Tell us in the comments section below. Source + Photo: TV Report

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