T-ara goes sexy for Tedin Water Park

May 19, 2010 @ 6:38 am
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Earlier we reported on T-ara's Hyomin updating her Cyworld with pictures of herself looking really hot and sexy for an unannounced photoshoot, but now we have answers! Girl group T-ara has been chosen to be models for a water park! Seems like using hot idols for water park advertisements is a trend nowadays if you recall SNSD, 2PM and After School's Kahi and UEE, but it's smart advertising and provides good eye-candy for fans, so no one's complaining. Specifically, T-ara has been chosen as the models for Cheonan Huracle Resort's Tedin Water Park with the concept being 'Scandal at the Water Park.' A representative of Huracle Resort stated on the 19th, "We chose T-ara as Huracle Resort's models, because they're cute, fresh, and sexy and we believed that they would be able to show a fun side to our park because of that." T-ara's water park scandal will be revealed in June, and following that, Huracle will reveal their water park's new teddybear mascot in July.

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