Ji Suk Jin's wife is a hot topic

May 19, 2010 @ 5:41 am
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Most notable as an MC for several variety shows, Ji Suk Jin has recently been getting much attention due to his wife. He participated in the most recent episode of SBS Strong Heart and shared a story about his married life, which included a explanation of him fighting with his wife because of a game. He also explained how he got to meet her, stating, "After Yoo Jae Suk introduced me to her, I fell in love straight away. 10 years ago, she was shy and pretty, but now she has turned into a carnivore," leading to laughters around the studio. A picture of her wife was revealed on the episode, which surprised many people due to her good looks. Ji Suk Jin proudly mentioned, "She has been previously offered celebrity jobs, but she couldn't do it because of her shyness. However, I believe she can be an action star now. Netizens have been making comments such as, "Her looks are comparable to a celebrity's." and "Looks of a goddess." She is very pretty, but the surprising thing is that there is a eight year difference between the two! It seems to be the case for all the big-name MCs in Korea.

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