Posted by Susan-Han Saturday, June 19, 2021

Production crew of Jessi's 'Showterview' apologizes for causing TWICE fans confusion with 'offensive' mistranslation


Back on June 17, the popular SBS Mobidic interview program 'Showterview' hosted by Jessi caused a stir among international K-Pop fans due to mistranslations. 

During the interview, the MCs asked TWICE to choose a member they would like to switch bodies with for one day. Here, member Tzuyu chose Dahyun, and said that she would like to try living with very pale skin like Dahyun for one day.

When Jessi heard this, she looked at her own arms with an exaggerated reaction, making the TWICE members laugh as Jessi is known for her tan skin. Then, in a joking manner, Jessi commented, "Why don't you try a really deep 'ttaemili'? One time, I scrubbed my skin really thoroughly and it became like baby skin."

Here, the term "ttaemili", which refers to a Korean method of using a textured glove to scrub dead skin cells, was mistranslated and therefore misinterpreted by some fans as "dirt". Many fans then accused Jessi of making a "colorist" joke against Tzuyu. 

However, the production crew of 'Showterview' has since responded with an official apology, clarifying the mistranslation confusion. The episode of 'Showterview' featuring TWICE has also been edited to exclude the controversial scene. 

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2ice6,518 pts Saturday, June 19, 2021 2
Saturday, June 19, 2021

Why would Jessi be making a colorist joke when she joked about herself being darker than Tzuyu? People need to learn context before they judge. Jessi was literally hyping Tzuyu up the entire time during that interview and telling her how pretty she is.


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jasperlee1,882 pts Saturday, June 19, 2021 3
Saturday, June 19, 2021

I figured it was a mistranslation. In an unrelated incident, the bubble app once mistranslated what Jihyo's "What are you doing?" as "Do you motherfucker?" and I was like... lol yeah that's probably not right. There's always bound to be misunderstandings because languages are never 1 to 1 with one another.


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