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Illegal business allegedly running from building owned by Big Bang's Daesung


Channel A has reported an illegal business is running from a building owned by Big Bang's Daesung.

On July 25, reports alleged a building in Gangnam purchased by Daesung in 2017 before his military enlistment houses a suspicious business that includes prostitution services. The Channel A reporters found that many of the floors in the building were inaccessible by elevator during the day, but at night, what looks to be an entertainment business serving alcohol drinks opened up.

According to the reports, the basement and 4 upper floors of the 8-floor building are taken up by the suspicious business, which has no signage but is registered as a restaurant.

The merchants around the location commented, "It's a bar that only opens in the evening," and "There's a weird bar in the basement. I think you can call it a 'room salon,'" referring to businesses that are often fronts for prostitution.

The real estate agent for the building told Channel A, "Daesung is the building owner, but he is not involved in its operation."

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DisplayName9753,570 pts Thursday, July 25, 2019 27
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Why some of you believe that media outlets have some hidden agenda against bigbang's members or YG? Do they create shady businesses just to reveal them? Some fans are delusional af to believe that other companies are using these methods to destroy them. Some guys really need to stop creating conspiracy theories.


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Toan_Opinion178 pts Thursday, July 25, 2019 0
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Some people are so disgusting. They said that fan are blind or create conspiracy theories or whatever. We have the right to make a question about why K-media these days always try to find something to write about without any proofs. Just like Seungri case, he only has 8% of Burning Sun, when the scandal broke out, his name is always on the headlights like he is the boss of that club. Just like this article. Channel A said it's "DAESUNG" 's building, when he only bought this building in 2017 and go to military in 2 years, the "Investigation" on illegal business is from 2005??? No article for this shit from 2005 and now it broke out and has the name of Daesung on it??? Ask yourself that question! It's easy to say something behind the keyboard right? It's the fkkking way of K-media to create hot issue to make you click on their article and earn money from it. Please use your brain.



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