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Seolhyun charms with real-life adventures and preps for Disney+ debut in 'Lighting Shop'


On the 9th, the MBC variety show 'I Live Alone' featured Kim Seolhyun, drawing laughter in living rooms on Friday night with a day filled with her tastes, alongside her pet dog 'Dungchi.'

In the broadcast, Seolhyun greeted a refreshing morning in bed with her pet dog. As soon as she came out to the living room, she lay on the sofa watching her favorite short-form videos, and her enjoyment of a sandwich with coffee stimulated many viewers' appetites.

Choosing a house with a terrace for her pet dog, Seolhyun enjoyed a brief walk on the terrace with her dog. Notably, she proudly showed off the unique skills of her pet dog 'Dungchi,' displaying her doting pet owner side.

After the walk on the terrace, Seolhyun surprised everyone by easily doing pull-ups using a pull-up bar installed in her home. While preparing to go out, she revealed her skin care secret of 'drinking lots of water,' attracting attention with her clear and transparent skin.

Ready to go out, Seolhyun revealed another charm by saying she prefers taking the subway or bus when going out. Then, heading to an indoor climbing gym, she impressed everyone with her advanced-level climbing skills right from the start.

Seolhyun, who has shown extraordinary affection for climbing by traveling to Bali, Jeju, and Gangwon Province for it, delighted onlookers by perfectly completing even the most difficult climbing sections.

At the end of the broadcast, Seolhyun concluded her day by revealing her hobby of transcribing to organize her thoughts. She said, "I try many different things because they're fun, get obsessed with them, and enjoy that process," ending her happy and healthy day with numerous challenges she enjoys.

Kim Seolhyun, who brought fresh laughter to Saturday night viewers by sharing her real daily life, is set to continue her busy schedule in the new original series 'Lighting Shop' on Disney+, slated for a solo release in 2024.

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So sexy

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Seolhyun was the IT girl for years! Yet she'd always been easy going.

Really happy to see her and Jihyo joining the cast - just 2 sweeties! ❤️❤️

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