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[INTERVIEW] TRI.BE talks new comeback "Diamond," aspirations, challenges, and more!


With the release of "Diamond," the girls of TRI.BE are back with an exciting new comeback via Republic Records. "Diamond" is TRI.BE's fourth single and showcases the group's signature Afrobeat-inspired sound. This bright start highlights the group's journey thus far and emphasizes each member's individuality against their collective group identity. 

allkpop sat down with TRI.BE to chat about their newest releases, "Diamond" and "Run," in a candid conversation about the positives and negatives around this release. Keep reading below to learn more about TRI.BE's latest comeback and obsessions!

allkpop: Hi TRI.BE! Excited to sit down with all of you girls again for the second time to interview you about your latest release. Share with our readers who may not be familiar with you a quick introduction!

TRI.BE: Hi allkpop! Vida loca, this is TRI.BE! We’re a 6 member KPOP group under Universal Music and TR Entertainment, and we are delighted to talk to you again! We just came back with our 4th single album “Diamond” so we hope you enjoy both our new music and our interview with allkpop.

allkpop: Your newest release and fourth single, “Diamond” consists of two songs - “Diamond” and “Run”. The two releases are bright and vivid just like TRI.BE! Tell us about the behind-the-scenes process of ideating and creating this song.

TRI.BE: This comeback took a very long time for it to come to life; our last release was back in February 2023 so we spent about a year preparing for this release. We had countless discussions on what music to do, what concept to do, when to do what etc. but it all came down to going back to our original music concept of Afrobeats. Because that’s what we do best and that’s what our fans mainly remember us for. The ideation went through a lot of upheavals but once we got the “Diamond” concept down, everybody was immediately focused on making it happen and the process went by in the blink of an eye. We shot the “Diamond” music video during the winter of 2023 when it was freezing cold in Korea and as much as it was exhausting, we all had some great memories amidst the snow! Also, all of our members participated in the writing of the b-side “Run” so we got to add in our genuine thoughts to our work too. We can’t explain every single behind-the-scenes but we really spent a lot of time and effort to make “Diamond” come to life, so we sincerely hope you enjoy our new single!

allkpop: “Diamond” is the group’s representative release of this comeback and showcases the different life experiences, cultural backgrounds, personalities, and challenges you’ve faced through your time as TRI.BE. Can you share a little bit about what Diamond means to you individually?

SongSun: “Diamond” is the track that sums up my long career as a KPOP idol, all the way back from when I first became a trainee to pursue my dream. It’s proof that I endured what was in my way until now.

Kelly: I would say that it’s a sign of strength. The strength of our members, the strength of myself.

HyunBin: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of “Diamond” is how hard everybody worked to make it happen! I really hope our fans like it.

Jia: “Diamond” is probably our most long-prepared release so far and it kind of proves our efforts haven’t gone to waste. It really represents TRI.BE as a group!

SoEun: For me, “Diamond” reminds me of our TRUE. We wouldn’t have been able to do what we’re doing if it weren’t for our fans and “Diamond” is more of a release for both TRI.BE and TRUE. We went through pressure and pain together!

MiRe: “Diamond” is a new challenge for me because it’s a genre that’s familiar but also unexplored for TRI.BE. I hope we did well!

allkpop: The music video features each of you as representative gemstones. How do your individual talents and efforts bring a unique sense of teamwork to TRI.BE as a whole?

TRI.BE: We’ve been together as a group for 3 years now and as much as each of our individual talents and efforts have contributed to our team, at this point everything feels like a group effort. We were different gemstones in the beginning but at the end of the day, we’re all diamonds so what we do is always in sync now; what I do is for the team and what you do is for the team, too. Our music video touches on this aspect, on how everyone’s pressure and pain is relatable and that one day, both you and I will become diamonds that have endured all of that. We feel that’s what TRI.BE’s teamwork is like, too.

allkpop: This release also has “Run” a b-side that uses an upbeat and colorful approach. Share with us the meaning behind “Run” and what you hope TRUE will take away from listening to the song.

TRI.BE: “Run” is the first track that all of our members got to participate in together! It’s a very uplifting, light track but the message is sincere in how positive it is. When we got together to write the lyrics, we really wanted to make “Run” sound like a fan song for our TRUE so we decided to write about how we could run with our fans towards the sky. This track embodies the encouragement of reaching your dreams, TRI.BE included.

allkpop: How do you think “Diamond” is different from TRI.BE’s previous releases? Has TRI.BE evolved musically since your last comeback?

TRI.BE: The biggest difference with “Diamond” is how much we’ve matured, both musically and visually. Our main focus was to give off a laidback, chill but comforting vibe through the music while showing more mature visuals overall. We believe we’ve improved over the past year and we hope you think so too!

allkpop: Were there any challenges you faced together while preparing for this comeback? How did you overcome those challenges?
The biggest challenge was getting the feeling right. The choreography needed to be in sync with the music, our vocals had to be in sync with the music, our expressions had to be in sync with the music… Everything needed to match with “Diamond” and we spent a lot of time practicing to get the vibe correct. Honestly, we still might need improvement but the way to overcome is always straightforward: practice and practice!

allkpop: As you enter the promotion period for the release, what are you looking forward to most?

TRI.BE: Our biggest wish has always been meeting as many TRUE as possible and it’s the same this time too. We want to greet our fans in person to tell them how thankful we are for their support, and we hope we can visit as many countries during our promotion period this time!

allkpop: Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for TRI.BE following this comeback? What do you want the group to achieve post-Diamond?

TRI.BE: Entering charts, world tours, new records… these are, of course, part of our goals but we really want people to be comforted with “Diamond”. If “Diamond” can give our listeners the strength to endure and encourage them to power through their hurdles, that’s the biggest goal we have as artists. All of our members agree that the biggest achievement they want to achieve is to become somebody’s dream and role model. Hopefully we’ll make it, so please stay with us on our journey!

allkpop: Let's end this interview on a fun note -- what’s a K-Pop song that you can’t stop listening to lately?

TRI.BE: Obviously TRI.BE’s “Diamond”!!!

allkpop: What’s a TikTok challenge you want to film or dance to?

TRI.BE: We’d love to do TikTok challenges with other KPOP artists! We’re always fans of collaborating and just having fun with other idols.

allkpop: If you could do any concept as a comeback, what concept would you do?

TRI.BE: Something we haven’t tried yet is rock but who knows what we’ll do next, right? Stay tuned!

allkpop: Give a message for TRUE reading this interview!

TRI.BE: Hi TRUE and allkpop readers! Thanks for having us again and it’s always a delight to get to talk to you through allkpop. We put in a lot of thought and effort into “Diamond” and we really hope you can enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you for your continuous love and support, and we can’t wait to see you all one day in person! Until then, stay safe and we love you!


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I saw them on their American tour last year, great energy, very skilled, great at improvising too. They definitely work hard. I would love to see a full album in the future from them and hope for another tour after they've had time to release a bit more new music.

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The song has a nice relax feeling

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