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'12.12: The Day' producers to take strong action against illegal video leak


On the 12th, Plus M Entertainment and Hive Media Corp, the investment distributor and production company of the movie '12.12: The Day', respectively, released an official statement regarding the illegal leak of the movie's video files. "We have identified that certain online users are sharing the '12.12: The Day' video files using specific platforms and links," they announced.

The statement continued, "Such acts constitute a clear crime, infringing on copyright laws and the property rights protected by these laws. Plus M Entertainment and Hive Media Corp intend to hold those responsible for these illegal acts accountable and respond strongly."

Furthermore, "We have commenced operations to identify those involved, including the original distributor, and those who have watched and shared the video files," they added. "We are closely monitoring the situation for any damages and will take appropriate measures depending on the extent of further damages. We urge an immediate halt to the distribution of illegal video files to prevent additional harm."

'12.12: The Day', starring Hwang Jung Min and Jung Woo Sung, is a film that depicts the tense nine hours in an attempt to thwart a coup by military forces in Seoul on December 12, 1979. Since its release in November last year, it has attracted over 13.11 million viewers, setting a new box office record.

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Well good luck with that, the US tried that whack-a-mole thing, and pretty much comprehensively lost.


They'd make more money if they made it available to stream, and it's no loss to them if those who can't access it at all obtain it from elsewhere.


To make it clear, I haven't seen it, and I don't intend to because it doesn't interest me, but the principle is the same. If you don't want piracy, make your product available for purchase to all.

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If it is available on global platforms, illegal distribution will be greatly reduced. I hope it is available on Netflix because it is the platform with the cheapest subscription in my country.

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