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Apink's Eunji appears as a surprise guest for Veteran singer Lee Moon Sae's Charity concert

Apink's Eunji made an appearance as a surprise guest at Lee Moon Sae's concert!

"Lee Moon Sae Forest Concert" is an outdoor performance where you can enjoy his music in a small concert hall with a view of the dense forest and the stars. This charity event celebrates its 20th anniversary since it was first held in 2003.

Eunji appeared as a special guest on the stage of 'Lee Moon Sae Forest Concert - Eleventh Story' held at Country Herb Farm in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, on the 9th of September KST, and presented healing energy to the audience who visited the venue with a synergy-filled duet stage with senior Lee Moon Sae.

Eunji sang 'In the Rain' as her first song and performed a duet with Lee Moon Sae that transcended generations. They exchanged glances with each other, and harmonized, showing off their chemistry as seniors and juniors united by their own old memories.

In her subsequent solo stage, she reinterpreted Lee Moon Sae's 'Farewell My Love' in her own colors. In response to Lee Moon Sae's question, 'Who is the object of love that comes to mind for you?", "As soon as I first heard this song, my parents came to mind first. I will sing it with my heart to my beloved parents", she said, making eye contact with the on-site audience one by one and singing out the true lyrics. Then, the melancholy echo spread through the forest in the autumn wind, with countless people tearing up at the warm comfort she gave.

Eunji also performed her own song, 'Hopefully Sky', and sang the pleasant hope in the lyrics without losing a single smile for the entire three minutes. Her warm voice conveyed comfort and love, and the audience responded by applauding and singing along to Eunji's voice, enjoying the mood of the autumn night to the fullest.

Eunji's high-quality live performance, which became one with her audience, completed her luxury concert and clearly showed the true value of the 'healing guest' who visited the forest.

Eunji expressed her special feelings about being a special guest at this concert, as she had consistently sent love calls to Lee Moon Sae as a musician she wanted to work with. She said, “I'm so nervous. I sang many of your songs at my concerts, but I never thought the day would come when I would be able to sing them right in front of you. She also said, "It's on my bucket list to sing in a forest full of greenery with a view of the stars," and expressed her shy fan feelings for Lee Moon Sae and her overwhelming thoughts about going on stage.

In response, Lee Moon Sae said, "Even though we are meeting for the first time, it doesn’t feel unfamiliar to me," because Eunji's bright and healthy thoughts melted my heart. "From now on, I will support all of Eunji's activities and I sincerely hope that she will become an even more loved singer and actress in the future." he said, revealing his sincere affection for his junior, whom he has always kept an eye on.

Meanwhile, Eunji is scheduled to meet global fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan with her 'Travelog' Encore concert next month.

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In the rain is one of my favorite Lee Moon Sae songs and it sounds amazing in Eunji's voice!

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