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'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' director Yoo In Sik gives a spoiler on how the story of the drama will flow


Director Yoo In Sik of the popular drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' gave a slight spoiler on how the story of the drama will flow.

On July 18, Yoo In Sik, the director of ENA's 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo,' thanked the viewers for the love they are showing the drama and gave a spoiler on how the story will flow. 

The director explained, "Woo Young Woo will be facing more ordeals from now on. She will face things that are like large mountains while trying to resolve those ordeals. She will also experience love and sadness during the process as well."

He continued to explain, "But she will face those issues head on just like 'Wildcard Woo Young Woo' and will be able to find the answer to her question 'What makes a great attorney' by exploring on her own."

The director also revealed the love line that is forming between Lee Joon Ho in the drama. Director Yoo In Sik explained, "I think their clever date will be interesting to watch." 

Other than that, the director also mentioned the hidden story between Woo Young Woo's dad and the growth of Han Bada. He also added, "We're planning to add new whales to the drama," and explained there will be new CG whales that will be added.

Lastly, the director shared his thoughts on the unexpected popularity of the drama and explained, "I'm actually still dumbfounded because of the unexpected popularity that went beyond our expectations." He expressed how thankful he is to the viewers who received the drama with a warm reaction.

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kfananonn394 pts Monday, July 18, 2022 0
Monday, July 18, 2022

I love this drama so much. I have autism and I was honestly anxious before i started to watch this about what kind of representation it would be. It's so rare to see a female autistic character being depicted as a whole person- her autism is part of her personality but it isn't all there is to her personality.

It's exhausting irl when people say things like 'she can't empathise because she is autistic' or question if you are capable of feeling emotions and I think this show and Park Eunbin show so well that we do have lots of feelings we just sometimes express them in a unusual way. Anyone who watches will see that there are characters who are emotionally lacking but they are some of the neurotypicals and not Wooyoung!

I know some people wish that Wooyoung had less 'quirks' and some are saying it isn't realistic- but it's a kdrama. Nobody is arguing that Business Proposal was an accurate representation of being a food researcher. It feels like such an unfair standard that when so many kdramas are whimsical and overly romantic that just because wooyoung is autistic she suddenly has to be hyper realistic. Also, I think from a narrative standpoint she needs to visibly be autistic for the show to display the microagressions and discrimination that we face.

Autism is a spectrum and obviously no one single show will be able to accurately depict that, but i'm really hopeful that the goodwill around this show and Wooyoung will open up more conversations and lead to a broader spectrum of representation both in-front and behind of the cameras. I really love it so much. Eunbin is doing so well at expressing the emotions of being actually autistic instead of just randomly waving her arms around and i'm so so glad that she was the actress cast in this role. Hopefully in the future there will be more opportunities for differently abled actors, but you need to have representation before you can discuss the ways in which that representation can be improved.

i hope it stays like this for the remaining episodes!! It's so nice to feel seen for once! :)

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jessicakhoo1001,033 pts Monday, July 18, 2022 0
Monday, July 18, 2022

This drama is amazing so far!

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