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Han So Hwee X Park Hee Soon X Ahn Bo Hyun are full of tension in new individual character posters released for upcoming Netflix original series 'My Name'

The upcoming Netflix original series 'My Name' drew attention with the release of individual character posters of Han So Hwee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun.

The latest posters capture the decisive moments of each character while they are in a tense situation. 'My Name' depicts the story of a woman named Ji Woo (played by Han So Hwee), who witnesses her father's death right in front of her eyes. From then on, she only dreams of revenge and enters a world fit for beasts in order to complete her mission. She abandons her name and uses the name Oh Hye Jin in order to go undercover as a cop, and chases after the culprit behind her father's murder. 

Mu Jin (played by Park Hee Soon) is an old friend of Ji Woo's father and also the boss of the gang organization that Ji Woo enters. Despite the dangers of being caught by the police, Mu Jin continues to risk his life in order to protect his organization, as well as Ji Woo. Pil Do (played by Ahn Bo Hyun) is Ji Woo's detecitve partner, who has his own strict protocols to follow when diving into investigations. Pil Do does not like Ji Woo very much after she ruins a case he has been working hard on for a long time, but he slowly begins to acknowledge her bravery when he sees her jump into crime scenes without hesitation. Soon, they  form a solid partnership and develop excellent teamwork. A gang organization's boss, an undercover cop, and a real detective; this ensemble of characters raise anticipation for the on-screen chemistry that will be shown between Han So Hwee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun in 'My Name'.

Netflix original series 'My Name' will be released on October 15. 

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