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Netizens talk about a potential voting controversy as Huening Bahiyyih's overseas fandom raises money to buy cheap sim cards in bulk to vote on 'Girl's Planet 999'


'Girl's Planet 999' has been at the center of attention starting from the time the show's format was announced - 99 girls from South Korea, China, and Japan come together to compete to debut in a global idol girl group.

As the show was released on Mnet, which launched the controversial 'Produce 101' series, many netizens worried that this show format would be similar and the votes are prone to be rigged. Despite many netizens' worries, the show successfully launched its first few episodes gaining interest.

However, the show has been at the center of attention as one contestant's overseas fans were seen sharing photos of buying SIM cards in large quantities to give their favorite trainee multiple votes. One netizen revealed a few tweets that showed that Huening Bahiyyih's overseas fandom is raising money to buy cheap sim cards to vote for her.

The netizen who created the online community post explained, "Huening Bahiyyih's overseas fandom is collecting funds to buy thousands of cheap SIM to give her more votes. The rules state that one person can give in one vote but these overseas fans are buying so many. It's been two weeks since the voting began so if one person has 1000 SIM cards that equals 14000 votes. They're even encouraging other fans to buy these SIM cards to vote."

Korean netizens joined to comment, "This is no different than the vote-rigging from Produce 101," "I hope the show regulates the votes because they said they would be fair," "Why are these fans acting like this," "This is so wrong to vote for their idols this way," "Are you sure they are Huening Bahiyyih's fans? it could be Hueningkai's fans doing this for his sister," "This is so bad, these fans are so wrong," and "This is cheating. These fans are no different from vote-rigging."

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Smurdah957 pts 16 days ago 23
16 days ago

Look at kpop now, no longer about the music. Streaming like crazy, bulk buying albums. All about the numbers these days. People can do whatever they want if it's in their means but I find it mind-boggling that people are this invested with their idols.


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theharshtruth1,521 pts 16 days ago 11
16 days ago

I am a new fan of TXT and I have to be 100% honest like 95-99% of the votes for Bahiyyih are bc of her brother not because she is charismatic so people were drawn to her. She is talented and was the most stable out of everyone in her group during the Apink performance and the Fiesta elimination. She is good but has 0% stage presence and some real how do I explain it akwardness about her maybe its due to lack of confidence could be also due to her akward facial expressions somehow she gives off the vibe of eternal worry...Maybe if she changes her eyebrow shape it will make her look more relaxed but yeah...She is not ready for debut not even close but she has the potential...I can see why netz are upset there are contestants lower ranks like Zhang Luo Fei who are extremely more talented but they barely escaped elimination...I am a foreigner and I find it unfair. Its not about voting your fave and supporting this is rigging votes. I know how hard it is because I CANNOT VOTE. I wish. If Bahiyyihs is talented enough she will be able to get into a good agency and debut after this show and she could have debuted earlier and her brother would still be benefit in other agencies eyes so as long as professinal give her and offer she will debut. But for Girls Planet at this moment I dont think realisticly that she deserves rank above 49.


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