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Model Park Young Sun reveals a time she was humiliated by an idol group manager


Model Park Young Sun opened up about a time when she was humiliated by an idol group and their manager on TCAST's 'Single Bungle Salon'.

On the September 16th broadcast of 'Single Bungle Salon', model Park Young Sun, who made her runway debut back in 1987, appeared as a guest. Here, she confessed that she had a humiliating encounter with an idol group and their manager. Park Young Sun said, "It was very serious. It was too humiliating for me. I came home that night and kicked my blanket with a high kick." She continued to reveal, "An idol group lives in the floor above me in my apartment building. I came home from work, and I happened to ride the same elevator with the idol members. Three members got in the same elevator, so I said, 'Hello, you guys are idols, right?' But then, they told me, 'We're college students.' I don't know why they said that. I was so surprised that I blurted out, 'College students?' Anyone could tell that they were riding in a celebrity car."

Park Young Sun's story did not end here. A week after this awkward encounter, Park Young Sun happened to meet the idol group's road manager. Park Young Sun revealed, "I was going crazy out of curiosity, so I asked the manager, 'Hello, you're an idol manager, right? Who is the idol [group]?' [The manager] looked me up and down, and responded with 'What?' She saw me as just another ahjumma (older woman) fan. Younger people don't know me these days. [The manager] looked at me in such a negative way that I said, 'I'm also a celebrity. I'm model Park Young Sun. I even come up on Naver [when you search my name].' That manager was just like, 'Oh okay,' and looked at me as if I were crazy. I went home and was so embarrassed."

What do you think about Park Young Sun's encounter with the idol group and their manager?

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botmy938 pts Friday, September 17, 2021 1
Friday, September 17, 2021

that's just her own ego getting hurt


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Winston6,217 pts Friday, September 17, 2021 5
Friday, September 17, 2021

i am not defending the manager but he didnt really humilated her, he just didnt know who she is.

Humiliated would be like if he said something like "oh you are just a nobody" ...

but the manager didnt say anything.. maybe she was expecting him or her to greet her happily. but some ppl are just not interested in that, since his or her job is to support the idol group. they dun need to go and greet other celebrities..

Still it would be nice if the manager just bide her farewell in a more friendly tone.


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