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Cartoon artist Heo Young Man says this is the reason why Kim Jong Kook can't get married


Cartoon artist Heo Young Man (74) nagged Kim Jong Kook (45) like a father. 

In the new episode of JTBC's 'Membership - Ceremony Club' that aired on July 21, artists Heo Young Man asked Kim Jong Kook, "Is there a relationship between health and working out a lot?"

During this episode, Yang Se Chan, who is close with Kim Jong Kook, explained to the artist, "[Kim Jong Kook] has a testosterone level of 9.9." He stressed how high Kim Jong Kook's testosterone level was making everyone laugh. In fact, the average testosterone level in men is 5.

In response, Kim Jong Kook said, "I want everyone to think 'Kim Jong Kook lives a long healthy life because he works out a lot.' I have this sense of duty to make everyone exercise and live a healthy life."

However, Heo Young Man, who had turned 74 this year, had a different opinion. He told Kim Jong Kook, "If you spend two hours exercising, the people who don't exercise live as long as those two hours." In other words, people are able to live two hours of their life instead of utilizing that time to exercise. Kim Jong Kook rebutted by saying, "But I am the happiest for the two hours while exercising."

Heo Young Man was lost for words and replied, "Maybe that's why you're not able to get married." Yang Se Chan half-jokingly added, "I think Mr. Heo ended with 'That's why you're not married,' because he couldn't beat Kim Jong Kook with words."

Nevertheless, Kim Jong Kook admitted, "I can't deny that is part of the reason [why I can't get married]."

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4 days ago

"I have this sense of duty to make everyone exercise and live a healthy life."

It's time to focus more on just yourself. With the gym obsessed life he has, he won't find any regular Korean woman to settle down with. Instead he has to find someone who's already into the same lifestyle as him, which is kinda difficult in Korea since only few women are into going to the gym a lot


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itsMEsome1sayhi61 pts 4 days ago 10
4 days ago

Gosh, I just hate when older people think they know you based on normal habits, and you aren't allowed to argue or you will seem "rude". You kinda have to nervous smile and like okay.

He is basically saying because you work out and spend time doing something a regular person wouldn't, you miss out on time being with someone or finding someone. What if the girl he meets is also at the gym and also enjoys spending that time working out? That's why they say: Find someone who values the things you do.


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