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aespa reveal their stance on birthday support & gifts in official statement


aespa revealed their stance on birthday support and other gifts in an official statement.

K-pop groups receiving gifts from fans has always been an issue with some artists choosing not to receive any gifts from fans whatsoever, and SM Entertainment rookie group aespa are following suit. On May 26, aespa's official staff announced their stance through their fan community on LYSN, announcing they will no longer be accepting gifts or support campaigns including lunch boxes or food trucks.

The announcement stated, "In the future, we won't be excepting any support or presents at all of aespa's schedules and other activities, such as their anniversaries or members' birthdays. While we thank fans for the love they've given aespa so far, we're carefully rejecting any support campaigns currently in the works, and we thankfully accept only the heart behind it from the fans who treasure aespa. We request cooperation and understanding from fans."

What are your thoughts on aespa's stance? 

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I think that is kind of ''dark side'' of kpop. Fan buy their idols expensive gift often fans themselves don't have money for that, and especially in aespa case they don't need it - their non promotional outfits cost more than whole promotion of other agencies. Other thing is that how fans buy the same stuff their idols have, I don't think BTS members being ''sold out kings'' is really good thing, yes it is amazing how much influence they have but in the same time it is not healthy. Idols should promote more good causes, NGOs etc. so they fans woould put their money there if they want to do it so much. And I don't see a lot of idols doing much of that except SM which works with UNICEF(?). And yes, I know a lot of fan clubs buy stuff for homless shelters, support some organizations etc... but mostly only on their birthday and that support isn't often THAT big when you compare it to the money some fan clubs spent on buying shit. All I am saying is that idols should more speak out about helping NGOs etc. I am not telling anyone what to do with their money etc to be clear, if you want to buy shit because your idol have it, do as you please.


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Orange_duck554 pts 24 days ago 9
24 days ago

and then SM allow Irene to receive loads of gift from fans earlier during birthday? http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.co...


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