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A modern music critic explains one of the reasons why BLACKPINK is so popular globally


BLACKPINK has been gaining a large following as they have been steadily growing their global fandom and popularity.

The girl group has received much love from their fans and proved their popularity as they became the first K-Pop girl group to become a million album seller with their first full-length 'The Album.'

In addition, all the members have been selected to be an ambassador for luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior. The name BLACKPINK is currently recognized worldwide as they are the leading K-Pop girl group.

Recently, a modern music critic sat down to explain one of the aspects that is bringing the girl group so much popularity.

Music critic Kim Young Dae explained that it is BLACKPINK's image that has helped the girl group to get to the top. He further elaborated by saying, "They have powerful swag and an extravagant, luxurious image. These are the things that brought the girls to become a sort of a role model for K-Pop fans regardless of the country or background."

He further explained, "BLACKPINK clearly expressed this and depicted this aspect since their debut. Not only in music but in fashion and visuals as well. The girl group has used the added values that came from those aspects as the group's identity. They strengthened their luxurious image by collaborating with famous fashion brands. This gave birth to the BLACKPINK we know - the most luxurious and fashionable image."

Even Korean netizens are agreeing with the music critic as they comment, "BLACKPINK does have that luxurious image," "I think YG is good with that stuff," "This is definitely the reason BLACKPINK members are all popular," and "Yes, they really do have that wanna-be image that everyone wants to be like."

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Hyungshi1,815 pts Monday, March 15, 2021 10
Monday, March 15, 2021

I give also credits to Teddy he is one very impressive producer... the majority of the music he create are so dope and addicting!


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loneranger1264 pts Monday, March 15, 2021 2
Monday, March 15, 2021

i am not going to say that the visual part is not important. But the first 2 years of BP, when they started already like a bomb group, they didn´t had any luxury brands on their back. They wear well known fashion brands like any other big girl group. But to downplay their music and idol presence, and to make it all about fashion brands its too narrow sighted. Boombayah is their debut song, and it has more than a billion views on youtube. Tell me what fashion brands has to do with that success.

I think it is all about music and maybe, is the way the present themselves as a group. Luxury fashion brands realiced they could make big money with BP representing their names.

If this was a boy group, we wouldn´t be saying again, that the only thing BP can offer is pretty faces. There are hundred of other girls groups with talent and pretty members...


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