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6 Male Stars Who Fearlessly Fought Off Criminals


It is not easy to step in when you witness a crime happening. However, these six male celebrities were not afraid and caught criminals with their own hands.

1. Kim Min Seok

On July 19, 2020, Kim Min Seok was in a cafe in the Apgujeong area when he caught someone filming hidden camera footage of a women's legs. The actor apprehended the suspect, making sure he was unable to run away as he called the police. The actor was on his final military leave at the time. Kim Min Seok handed over the suspect to the police, and it was found that he had several illegally-taken photos of women on his phone.

2. Lee Kwang Soo

In 2009, while working as a model, Lee Kwang Soo found an elderly couple lying on the ground in a supermarket, bleeding. After seeing them, Lee Kwang Soo reported the incident to the police. It turns out a drunk customer attacked the victims. Despite his busy schedules filming for MBC's 'Jewel in the Crown,' Lee Kwang Soo attended all of the court hearings as a witness.

3. Ha Jung Woo

Ha Jung Woo caught someone committing a hit-and-run. The actor was walking home after work and was hit by a car. Surprisingly, the car sped off after hitting him. Due to the physical endurance he built up for a shoot partnered up with his knowledge of the neighborhood, Ha Jung Woo was able to predict the driver's route and followed them.

The actor found the parked car and handed over the suspect to the police. It was discovered that the driver was driving under the influence.

4. Jang Dong Yoon

Did you know that Jang Dong Yoon was scouted after he appeared on the news for fighting a criminal? While a student at the Hanyang University, Jang Dong Yoon had come across a robber with a lethal weapon threatening a convenience store clerk in Seoul's Gwanak District. He decided to pretend to be on the phone with a friend during the situation when in reality, he had informed the police of the situation. The robber was apprehended, and Jang Dong Yoon was interviewed for his bravery.

5. SG Wannabe's Kim Jinho

In 2010, SG Wannabe's Kim Jinho caught a woman getting harassed by a man in a dark alley while on his way home. Upon hearing the victim's cries for help, Kim Jinho immediately went to the scene and saw the man attempting to run away. He caught the criminal and handed him over to the authorities. Kim Jinho was awarded for his good deeds.

6. Bae Jeong Nam

In 2021, Bae Jeong Nam caught a thief while on his way home. At the time, the model-actor was waiting for the traffic light to change when he heard a taxi driver yell, "Thief!" He then saw a taxi driver chasing a thief into an alley. Without thinking twice, Bae Jeong Nam and his manager ran after the thief and caught him while he was resting.

His courage earned him a letter of appreciation from the Yeongdeungpo Police station.

  1. Ha Jung Woo
  2. Lee Kwang Soo
  3. Kim Jin Ho (SG Wannabe)
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Well done all



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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Talking about SG Wannabe. I miss them .... but kudos to all the guys for their heroic acts. Kwang Soo is such a dearie.



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