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‘Nations’ Ending Fairy’ V receives high praises and appreciation for his silvery vocals on BTS’s performances at the MTV Unplugged.


On Tuesday, (Feb. 23rd), BTS performed a very exciting set-list on MTV Unplugged, through which the audiences were serenaded by the surreal voices of the seven boys. The members showcased their impeccable vocals and visuals but one in particular that stood out was the ever-so-charming V.

V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung is well-known for his “National Treasure” like visuals but this performance has bestowed him another nickname of “V for vocals” and established him as one of Korea’s finest vocalists whose voice is as unique and beautiful as his visuals.

Viewers of the show were left speechless by his soul-stirring vocals in BTS’s cover of ‘Fix You’ by the British rock band Coldplay and in his self-written and self-produced track titled, “Blue & Grey.” V added a lot of depth to the overall performances and effortlessly stood out as the highlight of these two songs.

Post the performances, the audience took to various platforms to share the overwhelming emotions V’s voice stirred inside of them. Many Netizens were highly impressed by him being the perfect ending fairy that they dubbed him as the “Real Ending Craftsman.”

Some of the comments read, "It's soft, but it's as if it's sparkling, and it's sweet and fresh. It's like sitting on a cloud and watching fireworks" and "It's a sweet but dreamy atmosphere, and a cozy yet grim atmosphere. Holy... I don't know if the song is over or my breath is over. Really...."

Praises for V’s bewitching vocals flooded the YouTube comments sections under the official videos as well. Due to his remarkable role as the ending fairy, non-fans referred to him as the “last guy'' and V, once again proved his title as the ‘commander in charge for doubling the fandom size’ as he brought in new fans to BTS’s ever-expanding fandom.

It is rightfully known among the fans that while other singers please the ears, V's voice caters to the soul. Many celebrities also took to various social media platforms to share their gratitude towards V for performing so beautifully that every verse that he sang felt like a gift delicately crafted especially for the listeners.

Among the five performances, the song that touched everyone’s heart was none other than, “Blue & Grey”, BTS’s highest-charting B-side track on Billboard’s prestigious Hot 100 chart.

The song which was performed live for the first time truly stole the show as fans and the critics were left awestruck throughout the performance. The lyrics that lay bare very raw documentation of V's own life, coupled with the perfect nocturne and soft vocals of the seven members of BTS orchestrated one of the band's best performances to date.

Rolling Stone India highlighted his performance and said, “V’s vocals are absolutely stand-out on “Blue & Grey,” the emotions conveyed powerfully on every delicate note he hits.”

Blue & Grey, which debuted at #13 on Billboard Hot 100, took to charts again post the performance as it ranked at #2 on Japan Line Music Top 100, the highest-charting song by the group. The performance video of the song also placed high on the YouTube charts of multiple countries.

Many keywords related to V and 'Blue & Grey' also took to trends all around the world as fans who were intoxicated by the sweet melancholy of the ballad spoke about the comforting yet doleful experience of listening to V's song.

'Blue & Grey' truly shone brighter than silver and the millions of lives that the song comforted is a testimony to that. V, too, came forward and showed the world that he is undoubtedly one of Korea's best vocalists. As a baritone in a group of tenor vocalists, V has come a long way and stands tall at the top in an industry where baritones like him are often undervalued.

Through each song that the group performed, especially 'Fix You' and 'Blue & Grey', V has once again proven that he is a singer that his fans can be extremely proud of!

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trusfrated309 pts Saturday, February 27, 2021 0
Saturday, February 27, 2021

Tae doesn't sing from his vocal cords, he sings from his heart and his feelings, and when he sings, everyone can feel the heartbreak and happiness he has ever been through. This is why I love this man.



yannie-D53 pts Saturday, February 27, 2021 0
Saturday, February 27, 2021

Kim Taehyung one in a million his voice is really amazing



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