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The scene where the cast of 'Record of Youth' including Park Bo Gum receiving cervical cancer vaccination was not a PPL


Recently, the tvN drama 'Record of Youth' gained the attention of viewers as the male cast members including Park Bo Gum received cervical cancer vaccination in one of the episodes.

On the episode which aired on September 15th, Sa Hye Joon (played by Park Bo Gum) and his friends visit the doctors to receive the vaccination for cervical cancer. In the drama, Kim Jin Woo (played by Kwon Soo Yeon) had been asked by his girlfriend Won Hae Na (played by Joo Yoo Jung) to get this vaccination.

When Kim Jin Woo received this request, he was flustered and stated, "How can I get the vaccine when I don't have a uterus?" in which Won Hae Na responded, "Even though it doesn't have any effects on you, it's good for me. Hurry and go get three stamps. You have to get the shot three times."

Ultimately, Kim Jin Woo brought his friends along to get the vaccine.

After the episode aired, the three men posted a photo on their social media and put the hashtag "You need to prepare for love". Many viewers thought this was a PPL (product placement advertisement) which showed that even men need to get the cervical cancer vaccine.

On various online communities, netizens stated that this was the first time they found out that men needed to get this vaccine as well. Many netizens were able to find out through this drama. Therefore, netizens believed this scene was a PPL.  However, the production team of 'Record of Youth' revealed that this was not a PPL. They clarified, "The content of this scene was not added because of a PPL."

Many netizens complimented the drama as they added the scene organically and provided useful information.

Netizens' Commented:

"That's nice of them to include this without PPL."

"The scene wasn't overwhelming and they expressed the reason why guys need to get vaccinated nicely."

"So I heard the cervical cancer virus can stay in men but the men just don't show any symptoms but still carry the virus. Then they can pass it to the woman they have a relationship with. That's why men have to get the vaccine."

"Wow, it's awesome they have this kind of content in a Korean drama."

"This is good content that the production team included. Thought it was a PPL."

"The name of the vaccine should change. A lot of people think that the vaccine is only for women because it's called the cervical cancer vaccine."

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I'm guessing they are talking about the HPV vaccine as there isn't a vaccine for cervical cancer, but for the HPV virus which causes cervical cancer. HPV usually doesn't cause health problems for men but it can sometimes cause genital warts, penile cancer, and anal cancer. Ultimately getting the vaccine is important for everyone regardless of your sex because it can prevent the spread of the virus.


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