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Yoochun to stand trial for refusing to compensate one of his previous sexual assault victims


Singer and actor Yoochun will be standing trial for failing to compensate one of his sexual assault victims. 

The trial will take place on April 22. There have been instances in the past where belongings and assets have been seized in order to pay debts off similar to the one Yoochun has failed to repay. 

The debt is owed to an employee 'A' of an adult entertainment establishment Yoochun visited in 2016, leading to allegations that he had committed rape and sexual assault. Yoochun claimed that this employee was lying and sued her for defamation. However, the employee was favored in all trials and it was acknowledged that she definitely could have interpreted what was happening to her as sexual assault. 

'A' and Yoochun have been engaging in a long legal battle since then and eventually settled at a compensation fee of 50 million KRW (~40,000 USD). Although the settlement fee was confirmed, Yoochun refused to act and pay the victim. Because the victim couldn't get the settlement fee, she had an interest in taking Yoochun's officetel for the settlement. However, Yoochun's officetel has defaulted on tax payments since last September and has gone up for auction. 'A' had to, therefore, wait out Yoochun's actions without receiving the settlement. It was further revealed that he refused to even receive mail contents from the court regarding the case. 

'A's representatives eventually filed a property assessment request on Yoochun last December as he failed to pay the 50 million KRW settlement fee or the interest attached to the payment. This is A's way of aggressively going after receiving payment. However, Yoochun will end up standing trial due to his lack of action regarding this matter and will be charged with the nonfulfillment of completing the property assessment. 

Yoochun just ended a scandal involving his drug use and it seems like he is continuing to gather attention due to his actions. 

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baechufan1,330 pts Thursday, March 26, 2020 19
Thursday, March 26, 2020

It seems like he loves seeing articles about him. And he still has delusional fans. I’m shaking my head at them...


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alexandra9304669 pts Thursday, March 26, 2020 2
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Honestly im very disapointed as someone who used to be a huge fan of DBSK. I still support the other members (all 4) but I do have my limits. Please Yoochun take responsibility for what you have done.


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