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A reporter criticizes Ellen Degeneres for spoiling 'Parasite' and making crass jokes about Bong Joon Ho


A reporter from MyDaily criticized talk show host Ellen Degeneresfor spoiling 'Parasite' on her show. 

On February 11, Ellen's official talk show Youtube channel uploaded a video titled 'Ellen Texted Bong Joon Ho a Nude Photo, and He Hasn't Responded'

During the broadcast, Ellen talked about the Oscars and said she sent Bong Joon Ho's translator a text message who then, in turn, relayed the message to Bong Joon Ho who replied. She then joked about sending a nude photo to the director and stated she has not gotten a response. 

Although many Korean netizens expressed discomfort over the joke, more people were angry that Ellen spoiled the movie in the clip while explaining the plot. Netizens commented: 

"I'm pretty sure she didn't even watch the movie..."

"It's problematic that she spoiled the story."

"Ellen speaks without thinking. She even asked BTS on her show if they hooked up with any fans. Absolutely no manners." 

What do you think?

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Kirsty_Louise8,795 pts 8 days ago 4
8 days ago

That's just her humour, which wont be for everyone.

But the spoiler though, no. She revealed one of the biggest surprises in the film! I'd be pissed if I hadn't seen it already.


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SimonaBB495 pts 8 days ago 24
8 days ago

If Korean acts, of any kind, want to promote in different countries, the Korean public needs to get used to different types of humor, why should Ellen, or any other personality, change her standards for anyone? I mean, this would mean every time she, or anyone, has a guest from other countries, she'd need to adapt her comedy to that country's standards lol.


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