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[MV and Album Review] AOA – 'New Moon'



Track List:

1. Come See Me *Title

2. Sorry

3. Magic Spell

4. Ninety Nine

5. My Way

AOA has just dropped their newest mini-album, 'New Moon.' It's been a year and six months(!) since their last release, but we got another taste of how good they were in 'Queendom.' Now, at long last, their 6th EP is hot off the presses, with 5 new tracks.

"Come See Me" is the title track, and it's a little subdued for AOA. It's a good song, just watered-down some. The main verses scream tension and mystery, the opening chords are gold, but somehow it goes a bit downhill from there. Jimin mostly sings on this one, and only raps a line here and there, but the stuttery chorus "t-twilight" is a great hook. "Sorry" is a very seductive tune. Almost R&B, but the arrangements are just different enough. And we get treated to more of Jimin's rapping. It's mostly different from the first track, but the chorus is remarkably similar. It's still a beautiful, effective tune. I like this one a lot.

You hear whistling to start off "Magic Spell." I like the drum section on this one, bold and upfront, even as the tune is a bit stripped down. This tune is a different one for AOA, but it works quite well. Jimin rapping "Get sweeter right now/Oh what should I do ninety-nine" serves as an intro to "Ninety Nine." The beginning is auto-tuned, which is set against the decidedly acoustic guitar for the main verses. The song's a bit naughty with lines like "show me yours." And I don't know who they're talking to, but I don't think this gets any sweeter. "My Way" features pounding beats and some sassy brass, and sounds a bit retro -- but if it was meant to I can't quite place the era. They make it their own, regardless, with the same bold chorus as the other tunes. This one's more playful, too, and a great way to round out the album.

This is a different sound for AOA. They seem to have shed tunes like "Miniskirt" and "Bingle Bangle" in favor of more filled out songs. At times, a chorus might remind me of Nine Muses or EXID. But the girls still use their unique charms to put their own stamp on the songs. I like this EP. We're hearing different instruments and top-notch vocals. And what more can you ask for?


The girls of AOA are Femme Fatales in their new MV "Come See Me."

The concept is that they're moon hunters, their weapons glittering in the starlight. But in the last half, the hunters become the prey (nope, not going to spoil it for you).

And the weapons play a huge part here, and the girls look positively badass just posing with them. Seolhyun takes aim with a rifle, Hyejeong has dual semiautomatics, Chanmi has a bow, and Jimin wields a sword. Yuna heads up the other part of the moon hunters concept, part of the surveillance unit, having the moon trapped in a jar.

It all looks amazing, and the girls dance against a red-curtained stage backdrop like they're performing for an audience. But, of course, the audience is the viewer. Still, those costumes in the dance sequences are exquisite.

One of the things I like about this MV is that it plays to their strengths, without taking drastic measures to play up their sexiness. They're hot, we know that now let's give them a cool concept to play with (Does anyone else remember "Get Out" or "Like a Cat"?).

And if you're wondering if I enjoyed this one, then wonder no more. I did.


MV Relevance...........8

MV Production..........9

MV Concept..............9


Album Production.....9

Album Concept.........9




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thealigirl83,055 pts Tuesday, December 3, 2019 1
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

i don't think Come See Me should have been the lead single. there are better songs on the album


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luvtokki78 pts Monday, December 2, 2019 0
Monday, December 2, 2019

Every song is a bop. They've improved in every way and are now showing a stronger, more womanly side than their previous songs. It's good FNC is letting them show their cool and strong sides! I really like this EP a lot and hope they continue down this path.



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