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Posted by sl278 AKP STAFF Friday, December 6, 2019

MONSTA X reveals cinematic MV for 'Middle Of The Night'


MONSTA X is back with a new track completely in English!

The boy group released their MV for their new song "Middle Of The Night". The cinematic MV highlights the boys' good looks and their emotional vocals definitely hit a sweet spot for fans' feels.

Check out the MV above!

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satyanu4 pts Saturday, December 7, 2019 0
Saturday, December 7, 2019

For God sake bring that kid back home... * who you're taking home* trust me it's you... #comebackhome it's getting late...



satyanu4 pts Saturday, December 7, 2019 1
Saturday, December 7, 2019

I'm a kpop fan frm yrs but there r a few things that I really din't get, hope I can find answers...

Even though kpop is worldwide, why there are idols leaving their group? When a group is formed, they say it's a never breaking bond, BFFs, but a person being removed from group won't matter at all, how come!!!

More over why there is no differentiation btw a minor mistake, major mistake, a mistake that has already been corrected and a crime!!! Why making them to quit is the only solution, why there is no chance given to correct their mistake?? Some mistakes are hell like wch can't be forgiven but why not to give chance to correct other ? Why their whole life, career, struggle, dream is taken away from them? N why the suicide and stuffs going on??

I'm sorry I like kpop idols and their bond among them but I really dunno now to whether believe what I saw or not...

I'm a fan of that person whose childlike personality made me to like him, who always accepted his mistakes and apologized , corrected and was leading a better life, and his life way taken from him for some mistakes that he has already corrected, I'm in confusion to like a group in future or not as my mind is saying that today the one I like may not b there by tomorrow...

It's a request to the Kpop world, try to give a chance to correct mistakes, please understand the difference between mistake and crime and kicking them out of the group is not the solution.

And please bring back that person who has already corrected his mistake and became humble to all living beings and was making the world a better place, not many of this kind are on earth... Feel happy that kpop has that kind of #GEM and stop punishing stars for their minor mistakes, there are humans not GODs, consider this, there are millions of fans whose heart breaks when they leave their group please stop hurting those fans whom you made to fall for ... Kpop answer please!!!


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