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MC Mong speaks up regarding T.O.P controversy, congratulates Taeyeon on 1st place, & more via Instagram post


On November 2, rapper/producer MC Mong took to Instagram to refute various controversies and rumors online from the past week, in light of his return to the music scene with his 8th full album. 

Previously in 2010, MC Mong became under fire for allegedly "dodging" his mandatory military service duties. The rapper was accused of undergoing numerous teeth extractions in order to receive exemption from military service, resulting in a police investigation and legal trial. During his legal trial in 2011, the court ruled that his dentist had advised extraction of at least a portion of his teeth due to health issues, and therefore the rapper was not guilty of purposely avoiding his military service. However, the rapper did receive probation sentence for failing to properly apply for extensions regarding his mandatory service summons. 

Then, after the release of his 8th full album 'Channel8', MC Mong faced criticism from netizens as some accused him of dissing Big Bang's T.O.P in his song "Fame". Others also looked on MC Mong's album release falling too closely around the same time frame as Taeyeon's comeback, resulting in the two artists battling for 1st place on various charts. 

In his Instagram post, MC Mong wrote:

"I should have just used Instagram minimally. I have never degraded T.O.P in my life, and he is a dongsaeng I cherished very much. He must be doing well nonetheless, but once again, I want to say that 'Fame' was not written with him in mind at all. The song only talks about struggles I've experienced. Taeyeon is also a hoobae artist I cheer on and respect. When I saw her ranking 1st place on music charts, it's true I was slightly disappointed in one part, but I was also relieved. 1st place was too overwhelming and heavy a place for me, so I was happy, and I cheered Taeyeon on while listening to her song. 

However, what artist wouldn't be happy if a song they made ranked 1st place?

And also, I never hired a large law firm to help me with my case. I never extracted healthy teeth on purpose, either. I extracted unhealthy teeth with nothing but the roots left. Still, I made music while reflecting on my actions. I did nothing but make music. I felt that if I gave up on everything else and just stuck with music, I could live. I was exempted from military service, so there was no way for me to serve as a soldier. You say I could still volunteer before I turned 36? The law would have permitted me if I tried? No, a man who receives exemption from service has nowhere to go. No one wanted to put in effort to help someone like me. I'm not someone who dodged military service, I don't have any big connections; just like the trial results, I'm a weak person who was exempt. 

I have no intention of suing anyone ever in my life [for malicious comments]. I deserve the criticism. You can criticize me, but please stop spreading things that are not true. I don't plan on taking action against anyone in my lifetime. Even after I die, I won't sue." 

The post has allegedly been deleted from MC Mong's Instagram, some time after posting. 

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Newsha471 pts Saturday, November 2, 2019 5
Saturday, November 2, 2019

And TOP did not diss MC Mong in his song. His song and video were made long before all this accusations against MC Mong in 2010 started.

This controversy was made by stupid haters and hungry for scandals journalists.


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amu_jane2,524 pts Saturday, November 2, 2019 0
Saturday, November 2, 2019

Jeez this accusations all started haters who wanted to ruin ruin artists



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