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[Album & MV Review] EVERGLOW – 'Hush'



Track List:

1. Hush

2. Adios

3. You Don’t Know Me

EVERGLOW is having their very first comeback, the second single album 'Hush.' It has three tracks, including "Adios," which you should have heard by now. This album is a followup to their first single "Bon Bon Chocolat," which hit No. 5 on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart, one of the best-ever debuts in K-pop.

"Hush" sounds exactly how you think it might. It's quiet, stripped down, and has its roots in tropical house. But don't hold that against them. It's quite a pretty tune and proves that EVERGLOW is not just a dance band, they have some really smooth harmonies that make this tune awesome.

They find themselves in more familiar girl-crush territory with "Adios." It's kind of stripped-down, with trap vibes and a techno break during the chorus where they yell "goodbye au revoir adios!" (well, they really say "goodbye of adios"). This is just one hell of a good time, with a stomping beat and a very Blackpink-ish sound. Do we need more girl crush bands? Dunno, but I enjoyed myself a lot listening to this one.

"You Don't Know Me" was a chameleon of a song. It's several genres squished together. You think it might be a ballad, except for those sharp drums. They harmonize quite well and then go to that chanting that they do so well. Not to mention that danceable beat. This is a piece of pure pop that had me practically out of my seat.

My introduction to this band (like most people) was with "Bon Bon Chocolat." And while I like that song a lot, I have to say this release is even better. For right now, at least, more EVERGLOW is not a bad thing at all. And we get that here. While I could have used a few more songs, what we have here are definitely gems. B-side? What B-sides? Each of these songs could easily have been a title track.


At its heart, this is a performance video, with a few enhancements.

The girls dance, dance, and dance some more. If you can call it that. They also have some kind of mystical thing that they occasionally show, where some gal drops two glass balls.

The choreo is rather meh. While they kind of dance a bit here and there, it gets old after awhile. Probably the reason for the scenes that have little to do with the rest of the MV. The dancing is somewhat uncoordinated and uninspiring. And there was even a scene of them dancing outside that seemed cribbed straight from a Stray Kids MV (only the choreo was still weak).

What they did right, however, was the interstitial scenes. The glass balls, as inexplicable as they are visually arresting. Too, there are some scenes that make it look as if there are gateways to another dimension, in some cases, they're inside that other dimension. Those were pretty cool.

Not only that, the wardrobe and camera angles are absolutely on point. And there is one cool thing about the outside scenes -- they did look completely badass at times. If they were going for that look, they succeeded.


MV Relevance...........8

MV Production..........8

MV Concept..............8


Album Production.....9

Album Concept.........9




  2. HUSH
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Monday, August 26, 2019

Nothing other than a 10 for this album. This review sucks.



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Monday, August 26, 2019

Hush Is The Best Track In This Album ♥



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