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Writer and entertainer Heo Ji Woong reveals he's completed chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma


Writer and entertainer Heo Ji Woong revealed he's completed chemotherapy for malignant lymphoma.

In December of last year, Heo Ji Woong told fans he was suffering from malignant lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, but in his latest Instagram update, he let everyone know he's now in recovery. He wrote:

"My chemotherapy is complete. In the follow-up tests, there weren't any abnormalities. My hair and eyebrows are growing back. I remember the warm heart of the person who collected four-leaf clovers in an album for his grandmother, but sent it to me instead because he thought I would need it. I remember the person who said they were able to get back up and gain strength through my writing during their most difficult time, so they wanted to help me now. I don't think I've lived a good enough life to deserve this kind of encouragement and support. I did try, but I don't think I was able to do so. The whole time I was laying in the hospital room, that embarrassed me the most.

Now, I'm exercising. I'm happy I'm able to exercise, so all I do is work out every day. I want to rebuild my strength quickly and be able to get back on my two feet with that strength. I'll become a kind adult who deserves encouragement and support. Thank you."

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