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Full SBS Report about the prostitution katalks obtained by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Feb 22nd


The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has confirmed that they have secured the entire contents of the Kakao Talk conversations involving Big Bang's Seungri.

The National Rights Commission of Korea was found to have received the evidence of the Kakao Talks in the form of a "public interest (whistleblower) report" on February 22nd.

According to SBS FunE's research on various channels, the data obtained by the Commission amounts to tens of thousands of messages from Kakao Talk chat rooms involving the Burning Sun (BS) committee, BS CEO Mr. Yoo, and other celebrities. The Katalks obtained by the Commission include messages of alleged prostitution by Seungri in December 2015. The Commission is said to be investigating not only the prostitution charges but also other circumstantial evidence such as the connection between clubs in Gangnam and the Police which were frequented by celebrities.

SBS Fun E also succeeded in interviewing a whistle-blower of the Kakao Talk messages who said, "Many of the contents of the KakaoTalk include conversations and circumstantial evidence that he may have colluded with the police, so I decided to submit them to the commission, not the police."

The commission reportedly plans to hand over the documents to the prosecution or the police after an internal review. If there is a strong suspicion of collusion with the police in the katalks, they're also considering handing over the data directly to the prosecution, not the police.

The metropolitan investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency that is investigating allegations related to the club Burning Sun confirmed to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on the 1st that all evidence of Kakao Talk's messages had been obtained and formally requested the commission to cooperate with related documents on the 4th.

As the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has secured all the evidence of Kakao Talk, which contains allegations of prostitution involving Seungri and collusion with police, investigations on Seungri in any form are expected to take a rapid turn.

Additional source: entertainnaver

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Canucks4Life2,434 pts Tuesday, March 5, 2019 0
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

What a lot of people don't seem to understand is from the very beginning she said the police were involved, so she wanted an impartial investigation hence why she handed it over to them. The fact is she is a very well respected reporter who has never been accused of misconduct or fabricating information, this isn't her having a beef it's her doing her job. Not saying any of them are guilty but his company and the police if they are involved will do what's in there best interest not what's right, so I have more trust in her then them at this point.



MeanMochi72 pts Tuesday, March 5, 2019 6
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

i have to stop read all these articles about seungri until the investigation is officially over! its a emotional roller coaster one article makes me believe he is innocent but in the next it looks like he is pimping out girls and dont let me start about this YG mess with the shredding of documents😒 i have decided for myself this is the last article i read about this mess i hope the real truth will come out soon! but until this bye guys!


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