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The Best K-Pop Instrumentals


K-Pop instrumentals are often underrated by fans. While the original songs carry meaningful lyrics, the instrumental versions help fans gain a newfound appreciation for the track itself. Listen to some of the best K-Pop instrumentals below. They’re just as great, especially as background music while studying! 

Twice - Likey

Once you listen to the instrumental version of the song, you'll realize why "Likey" became as popular as it is today! The catchy beat is fun and great to listen to on its own. 

DAY6 - Days Gone By

DAY6 has some of the best instrumentals. The guitar sounds, the keyboard melodies, and the drumming in the background blend together perfectly. 

Shaun - Way Back Home

The instrumental version of this popular song is just as good as the original. The soft drum beats and guitar melody create a great ambiance.

Red Velvet - Bad Boy

"Bad Boy" has one of the best official instrumentals. The bass is extremely addictive and features a lot of hidden elements and unique sounds that you might have not been able to catch in the original song. 

Stray Kids - I Am You 

The instrumental version of "I Am You" is full of unique sounds and powerful beats. It's no wonder why "I Am You" is so popular among fans!

Big Bang - Monster

The instrumental version of this song begins with a great piano intro that features a great melody. Each layer of the song slowly gets added, eventually culminating into a genius instrumental that you simply cannot miss out on. 

iKON - Love Scenario

This melancholy piano version of the hit song, "Love Scenario," puts a twist on the original song. Listening to the instrumental is relaxing and a must-add for your study playlist. 

NCT 127 - Limitless 

The instrumental version of "Limitless" is among the list of best instrumentals for many fans. The powerful beat along with the background vocals and harmonies make for a perfect combination. 

Taeyeon - 11:11

The mesmerizing strumming of the guitar throughout the song is certainly a key element in this instrumental. Listening to this version will instantly relax you. 

Mamamoo - Starry Night

The unique sounds in the melody provide a refreshing and celan atmosphere throughout the entire song. The bass during the chorus is especially great!

BTS - Fake Love

After listening to the instrumental version of "Fake Love," you'll realize how complex the song is actually. There are tons of layers of different instruments and sounds that help create a melancholy feeling throughout. 

NCT U - The 7th Sense 

This instrumental is unique in that it creates an almost frightening ambience. The song features many creepy elements including the sounds of the creaking from the doors. 

iKON - Killing Me 

While this piano cover is not an official instrumental, it is still great to listen to. The soft piano sounds are perfect for the darker more melancholy mood of the song. 

2NE1 - Come Back Home 

The instrumental for this song is good even from the intro. The beginning melody effectively sets up the mood for the rest of the instrumental, which is full of genius elements by YG's producer Teddy. 

EXO - Monster 

The instrumental for this song is extremely catchy. The layers of sub-bass will give you the chills as you listen to this song! 

Dreamcatcher - What 

Fans say that the instrumental for "What" could be used as a movie soundtrack. it's certainly true, with all of the powerful beats and musical elements. 

GD x TAEYANG - Good Boy

G-Dragon's music production skills truly shine in this instrumental version of "Good Boy." Starting from the very first note, the song features a catchy melody and beat.

VIXX - Shangri-la 

The instrumental for this song is truly unique with its oriental sounds and many elements. All of the beats and background instrumentals culminate towards a great chorus. 

Big Bang - Haru Haru

The intro melody for this song is simply iconic. It paints a melancholy picture from the start of the song. The drums, piano melodies, and other effects all work together to effortlessly produce a great song. 

Epik High - Blossom

Epik High is always on point with their instrumentals but this song, in particular, gives you those Nujabes (RIP) feels. A great song to relax to.

  1. Big Bang
  2. BTS
  3. DAY6
  4. Dream Catcher
  5. Epik High
  6. EXO
  7. Taeyeon
  8. iKON
  10. NCT U
  11. NCT 127
  12. Red Velvet
  13. Stray Kids
  14. TWICE
  15. VIXX
  16. 2NE1
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Friday, February 1, 2019

I would add my personal favourites:


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Friday, February 1, 2019

nct have the best instrumentals



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