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MONSTA X cutely try and fail at preventing Monbebes from 'fangirl-ing' over other handsome idols at 'ISAC' recording


MONSTA X fans, also known as Monbebes, had a blast teasing their idols at the recent '2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship' recording on January 7!

During the main recording of the Lunar New Year special 'ISAC', MONSTA X fans sat right by an entrance/exit to the idols' waiting rooms.

Many idols went to and from this particular entrance, and Monbebes began noticing just how handsome and eye-catching some of these other idols were!

Fan accounts online read, "[NCT's] Taeyong just went by and we all clapped kekekekekekekeke."

Another read, "When The Boyz's Younghoon-nim came out Monbebes clapped and he was like, 'Me?' He kept pointing at himself and came out and bowed, it was cute." 

And MONSTA X Jooheon's reaction to seeing Monbebes clapping and "fangirl-ing" over other handsome idols?

Fans said, "Ah so funny kekekekeke. Monbebes kept calling 'Younghoon~!!' when he came out, calling his name and clapping loud, and he got all embarrassed and ran away covering his eyes but Lee Jooheon got so wide-eyed seeing us do that???? And [Jooheon] looked at Monbebe and started doing the 'slicing the neck' gesture, telling us to stop because he was jealous kekekeke. And Monbebe had to call his name to try to console him."

MONSTA X's I.M. also reacted with extreme "Jealousy" seeing Monbebes' loud and boisterous "fangirl-ing" at other idols! Fans noted, "Changkyun scolded us for looking at other male idols kekekekekekeke, he said to only look at him."

"Monbebe went 'Ahhhhhh' because Lee Taeyong was all handsome, but Lim Changkyun kekeke was like, 'I'm watching you, be careful'." 

"Kekekekeke We were like 'Wahh,,' while clapping at Taeyong and Lim Changkyun he took off his jacket and told us he was watching us kekekekekeke. He said 'Try it one more time' kekekekeke. But we did it again and Kihyun brought his bow and arrow @us kekekekeke. But we're gonna do it again kekekekekekekeke." 

"Srsly Son Hyunwoo.. Whenever Monbebe fangirl-ed over other idols his ears got all red and he took off his hat and swept his hair back angrily and went all crazy kekekekekekekekekekekeke. What should I do.. Sorry we worried you, you're so cute, what should we do, sorry." 

At one point, Jooheon and I.M. brought The Boyz's Younghoon over to "scold" Monbebes, but Monbebes simply cheered for Younghoon louder, making the rookie idol embarrassed once again and leaving Jooheon and I.M. baffled, as Jooheon called "time out"!

At the end of the day, MONSTA X fans decided to award these idols with the 'Monbebe Applause Award' or 'The Jealousy Award for Being Overly Handsome', as Monbebes collectively agreed, "The funniest thing is that the ones we clapped for were all super handsome".

One Monbebe pointed out, "Monbebe's tastes are pretty precise kekekeke. But ironically, there's no member in MONSTA X who is a similar style to these guys kekekeke." 

Do you agree with Monbebe's "unofficial" 'Monbebe Applause Award' winners?

  1. Cha Eun Woo
  3. Rowoon
  4. Taeyong
  5. The Boyz
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iBangChan-534 pts Wednesday, January 9, 2019 5
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

lol monsta x is hilarious

they really would

esp kihyun ahahahhaa

but really though taeyong must look STUNNING in person. i think i'd lose my shit


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mayakorea30 pts Wednesday, January 9, 2019 0
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

This is hilarious ! I love these kind of news! so heart-warming <3



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