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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Monday, November 5, 2018

The best 'Running Man' Episodes that'll get you laughing

If you're on this site, you probably know what 'Running Man' is. If you don't, it's one of South Korea's most popular variety shows, ever since its first broadcast back in June 2010.The show pairs MCs and guests into teams where they complete various missions at a landmark to win the race. With their classic name tag ripping game to unique ones like the 5-second water game with Black Pink, 'Running Man' has built a powerful fanbase! A big part of it is the idols and celebrities they invite to play ridiculous games with. Here are some of the funniest Running Man episodes guaranteed to make you laugh.

Who's the winner of backhand slapping?

In order to survive, the cast was put against one another to win the privileges that come with placingfirst. In this round, they have to hit one another's palm until the other person screams in order to rank up or down. Watch as the cast start to slowly lose it as they struggle to not scream. The whole episode itself is highly entertaining as well as the cast naturally tries to outdo one another.

Gentleman Kwang Soo
The funny thing about the 'Running Man' cast is they can and always will call each other out for even the simplest actions. When LeeKwang Soo tried to act the gentlemen by giving Park Bo Young his jacket, the members punished him for acting cool by stripping him naked in the middle of winter. Poor Kwang Soo!

Prank on the Grasshopper
In this game, the cast and guests were split into teams and were challenged to complete the mission as quickly as possible. The first challenge was to have the male members carry the women on their back to run a lap. Yoo Jae Suk took Song Ji Hyo's place on Ji Suk Jin's back. No one expected this to be as funny as it was but what made it golden was when he realized he wasn't carrying Ji Hyo AFTER he ran his portion of the lap.

Winning Ji Hyo's Heart

In this game with superstar guests, Seungri, G-Dragon, and Daesung from Big Bang, the three teams are split to win Song Ji Hyo's heart through a variety of games. The last one involves jumping rope 30 times on mats floating on water and running down the mat to toss a rose into Princess Blank's basket. The fun part is how easily and quickly the teams sabotage one another. Also, peep G-Dragon's constant clumsiness on the unbalanced surface. Nothing says happy 'Running Man' like betrayal and sabotage.

The Courage Test
The producers of 'Running Man' love to go above and beyond for some of their activities doing some of the silliest and most nerve-wracking things they can think of. The other part of their job is to scare and mess with the cast as much as possible. Here the episode is based off superhero powers and Lee Kwang Soo is told to walk across a narrow bridge from one building to another. Will he make it?

Cheat To Win
Kim Jong Kook, otherwise known as the Commander, is the strongest and most intimidating game master in the cast. The cast members all cheat, lie, and do everything possible to ensure their win. In this episode, they strip Kim Jong Kook of his pants and take the opportunity to win the game. Honestly, they'll do anything to win and that's what makes 'Running Man' so fun.

Super Power
'Running Man' is such an amazing show because they dedicate a lot of time and energy into creating stories, missions, and unique styles. This episode, every member is given a superpower used to eliminate the others. Probably one of the most entertaining and funny episodes out there.

TheCast vs PD
A classic for fans, 'Running Man' wanted to create an episode where they can work with the staff members (PD) and play the games they create together. This is a must watch with all its funny moments, heart touching moments, and just classic 'Running Man' styles of lies, humor, and teasing.

Infected Kwangs Soo
Watch as the entire crew works together to find the anecdote to a zombie invasion. For all the Kwang Soo fans, this one's for you as he gives us one of the most entertaining moments to a highly entertaining concept.

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ATA-3 pts Monday, November 5, 2018 1
Monday, November 5, 2018

The episode with Bigbang from 2015 is seriously so funny. I even had my nephews watch it, even though they had no idea who any of the people were, they were laughing so much the whole time


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yeahkpop16277 pts Monday, November 5, 2018 0
Monday, November 5, 2018

Ahhh. The good old days.



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