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Posted by KayRosa AKP STAFF Saturday, July 28, 2018

MASC's Chibin accuses ACE of deceiving fans with his response to the violent incident

Violent issues surrounding the members of MASC are continuing to ensue.

On July 28, roughly right after ACE uploaded his story claiming his partial innocence, Chibin responded back with a post accusing ACE of lying to the public.

In ACE's response (explained in a form of a rap song), the story projects the attack as a defensive move against threats of verbal abuse that came from Chibin. The lyrics read, "But I saw you come at me suddenly, cursing at me / I stepped back surprised as hell, waved my umbrella, I know that this is even a sin." 

However, according to Chibin, no gestures of threat were made in front of ACE, and the person who had wanted to mend things was Chibin himself. 

Chibin wrote, "The assailant has deleted his KakaoTalk about 2 hours ago. I don't know with what mindset he is making everyone so confused with his music...You're always thinking about yourself, 'till the end." He continued, "That you were surprised and backed away and used the umbrella in your defense because I cursed are all lies and all my members know it! Think my 'purpose was to claim a settlement of hundreds'? You never even apologized sincerely. You don't even know who is writing the fiction here. Another masterpiece on Soundcloud claiming how innocent you are, wow. I congratulate you."

In reference to ACE's wrongdoings according to Chibin, the idol also added, "Could it be you? The person who cussed in front of all other artists during backstage at the studio, and ran out 1 hour before the live show to make us all shocked? You, who have called my mother after drinking and cried your heart out? Back then, my mother felt sorry for you. However, situation's changed now. You gave us no news whatsoever during your 5 months of hiatus."

Previously, ACE had written that he himself did not leave the group without notice. However, Chibin denied that such claims were untrue. On the Instagram post, the image showed screetshots of text messages, which contain words of apology written by ACE to Chibin. In the texts, ACE wrote, "Hyung will leave the group, so don't worry. I'm not leaving because of you, so don't get me wrong. MASC will go on well without me, and you will surely become a notable figure in MASC." With this text as proof, Chibin asserted that ACE had left the group "on his own will", that Chibin nor any other member has ever asked him to leave. 

In addition to the post, Chibin uploaded several captures on Instagram Story, to prove that ACE had deserted the group without notice. The messages, written by Chibin back in April, include pleads towards ACE saying, "Please help me, hyung, I want to hear your voice to talk things out. Please call me. Nights are so depressing. All I wanna do is cry." After the first batch of unanswered texts, Chibin followed up with another round of texts saying, "I can't hold it in any longer. How come you're not responding to my texts?" Furthermore, Chibin attached screencaptures of fans' reactions coming to his defense. 

At the end of the post, Chibin added that he will continue writing in the Comments section, should any other memory or information come up. He also apologized for being unable to write coherently, asking everyone to "please read with care".

Stay tuned for possible updates.

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