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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How-To: K-Pop Concerts

1. Don't Overdo Your Outfit
It's much easier to wear something comfortable and cute rather than something extravagant and uncomfortable. Be sure to leave constricting outfits, too many layers, or high heels at home because you're going to seriously regret it when you get hot and tired from dancing to your favorite K-Pop tracks.
2. Get There Early!
If you have a seat, you have a little more leeway with what time you can come, but if you were lucky enough to score General Admission P1 tickets, you're going to want to show up as early as you can to score a good spot in line to get in! Diehard fans even sleep overnight at the venue in an attempt to score the best and most optimal spot possible. Remember to stay respectful of those who have been waiting longer than you by not cutting and being obnoxious to those around you.
3. Make Friends
While you're in line, befriend the people around you and don't be shy! You already know you have the group you're seeing as a common interest, so you can always default to that as a conversation topic! Lifelong friendships can be formed with a simple hello and you're going to have a few hours to kill in line if you showed up early anyway.
4. Pack Light
Don't pack too heavy and bring the bare essentials to the show. Money, keys, phone, bag and maybe a camera or a jacket are plenty! This will help you keep track of your things easier and also give you a place to store any merchandise you buy!
5. Put the Camera Down!
You spent all this time and effort to get tickets and get ready for the show- don't spend it watching it on your phone screen. You already spend plenty of time enjoying your favorite artists in the virtual realm, it's time to make enjoying them a reality! Plus, fan sites often grab great footage on your behalf!
6. Try Not to Cry!
Nothing makes an idol more uncomfortable than seeing their fan cry! Try to keep your emotions at bay and remind yourself that idols are just people like you and me. They're people with special and amazing performance talent and charisma, but they're people nonetheless. Idols deserve to be treated with respect.
7. Don't Shove
Shoving will get you literally nowhere. If you push, the laws of physics will ensure that you are pushed back on. It's a rude thing to do with fans who have been respectful of your space all around you. You're going to enjoy the show and if you have issues with where you're standing, ask the people around you politely if they'd be willing to switch! You'll be surprised at how nice people are!
8. Enjoy the Show!
K-Pop concerts are places of unity for the fan community that surrounds them, so really take the time to soak the experience up with so many like-minded people around you. Enjoy the show and make memories with friends that'll last a lifetime! You're in for a mind-blowing auditory and visual explosion.

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