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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What K-pop fans think vs. what other people think when they hear these words - Part 2!

1. Trash
No, we do not mean literal trash. In the K-POP fan world, the term trash refers to someone that has a deep admiration and passion for K-POP groups.
Not once twice, going thrice but ONCE and TWICE the incredibly popular girl group and fan club name. TWICE has quickly made their way to the top as one of the most popular girl groups in existence creating one of the biggest fan clubs ever!
3. VIP
We definitely do not mean the VIP section in clubs, bars, restaurants, or hotels when we say VIP. What we mean is the ever growing ever famous ever supportive fandom for the kings of K-POP, Big Bang. VIP got their fandom name from one of Big Bang's songs from their second single Bigbang is VIP. Since then the name stuck and became the iconic title for the true kings of K-POP and their loyal supporters.
4. ELF
Not Elf on the Shelf or Dobby or Lord of the Rings. K-POP fans never mean those elves when it comes to in. Instead, we refer to Super Junior's fandom E.L.F. that stands for Everlasting Friendship to represent their connection to their fans.
Although the first winner is definitely something we should celebrate, that's not what we refer to in K-POP. WINNER is YG Entertainment's boy group consisting of four talented individuals that struggled through survival shows to get where they are. May WINNER keep winning!!
6. Running Man
Although both are well-respected methods of exercise the 'Running Man' K-POP fans speak of carries a lot more intensity and games. 'Running Man' is one of Korea's longest running shows consisting of amazing cast members striving for prizes and missions.
7. SHINee
Not Shiny like shiny objects or shiny pokemon or even shiny from Moana. We are talking about the legendary SHINee a group you can't help but love.
8. f(x)
For those of you taking calculus classes, you know f(x) is everyone's worst nightmare. Well, you're in luck because in the K-POP fandom world f(x) refers to four beautiful talented amazing individuals that have provided the K-POP world with much talent and fun.
9. BoA
For those of you scared of snakes don't worry, not that boa. But BoA the queen of K-POP and legendary singer, dancer, composer, and actress of South Korea and Japan. Her beauty and talent has contributed to her title of Queen of K-POP and no one has tried to tell her otherwise.
10. SUGA
I know for me when I hear "pass the suga" I always think of the wrong thing. Instead of the sweet grains of flavor, I always think of the tired grumpy grandpa of BTS. SUGA, a talented and powerful rapper, has quickly come to be known worldwide for his charisma and talent.
11. Wedding Dress
A K-POP fan's first thought is definitely NOT a physical wedding dress instead Wedding Dress reminds a K-POP fan of Taeyang's hit song. Wedding Dress is by far one of Taeyang's most popular and touching songs yet. An iconic song of K-POP, Wedding Dress does not refer to what brides wear during their wedding. Although Taeyang's bride did look absolutely stunning in hers.
12. 100%
K-POP fans think of a hot group when they hear 100% while others think of a grade they wish they got on their test.

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