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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Things NOT to do at a K-POP Concert

It's a dream come true when our favorite idols go on tour and we get a chance to see them live and in person doing what they do best. But there are certain limitations to being a fan and attending concerts. Here are some things you should NOT do at a KPOP concert.

1. Do not be rude to other fans.

We all like to think we're the number one fan and that's okay. But there's no reason to disrespect other fans because they might not know as much or started into KPOP later. Every fan that comes to a concert deserves to be there so don't try to act superior to other fans. You're all there to enjoy and celebrate the idol's success and wonderful talent.

2. Do not shove, push, hit, hurt, kick, elbow, pull hair, or engage in any other form of physical contact with other fans.

It is disrespectful to lay hands on another fan just because. There is no reason you should touch another person at a venue. If they're in your way or obstructing your view ask them kindly to move and if they don't move, you can move too. Do not lay a hand on another fan.

3. Do not throw anything on stage.

It is quite unsafe to throw things at the idols from afar because you might hit and injure them or you might disrupt the performance. Do not throw any undergarment or other personal products onto the stage because that is disrespectful to them as people and treats them as sexual objects rather than people. If you want to give them a gift, find a way to mail it to them rather than throw it at them from the crowd. That way you can avoid losing it or hurting the idols or anyone in the crowd.

4. Do not stalk the idols to their hotel room.

We all want to be with our favorite idols up close and personal but that gives you no reason to stalk them and camp outside their hotel. They're people too and deserve their privacy to sit down and relax. If you love your idols, then you would let them rest well instead of bothering them during their private time.

5. Do not touch, grope, grab, hit, or engage in any other form of physical contact with the idols.

They are human and should be treated as such. There are so many cases where fans slap or hit their idols just to be remembered but that is so disrespectful. If you love your idol you will give them love and attention not force physical interaction with them.

6. If you are in the pit, do not shove any other fans.

We all want to be close to our favorite idols but that does not mean you should elbow your way through the crowd. It can get dangerous and you might seriously get injured or injure someone else. Move when there's enough space but don't come barreling through the crowd.

7. If you are in the pit, do not try to jump on stage or grab the idols.

You might actually injure the idols if you try and get kicked out of the stadium. Watch from afar where your tickets got you, don't try to grab your idols if they're close because they're trying to perform for so you and so many people, you might just disrupt their performance.

8. Do not scream in your idols face.

If you get luck enough to see your favorite idol face to face, don't scream or yell in their face. It's startling to have someone scream when you're right in front of them. There's a huge difference between screaming at your idol from the crowd and screaming at your idol in front of them. So be conscious to take care of the idols.

9. Do not try to force a kiss/hug/romantic gesture on idols.

Idols are people that we admire and love deeply but you shouldn't force a kiss or hug. That is disrespectful to them as people. You wouldn't do that to a random person on the street so don't try to force them to kiss you or force a kiss to them. They should be treated with respect.

Here are only a few things you should keep an open mind about. Take care of the idols the way they would take care of you and everyone can have an enjoyable concert. Treat them with the same respect you want to be treated with and be conscious of how you're affecting the people around you. But most importantly, have fun!

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