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Kim Saeng Min revealed to have recently apologized for sexually harassing staff 10 years ago

Comedian Kim Saeng Min has been accused of sexual harassment.

According to a staff at a broadcast station, Kim Saeng Min forced her to sit down and held her with both arms. Later, when a sunbae called her, the sunbae noticed that her bra strap had been undone, and the staff member told the sunbae what had happened. It was that revealed that Kim Saeng Min had done something similar to someone else as well.

According to the staff member, she asked the main PD to remove Kim Saeng Min from the show and get her an apology, but never got an apology, while the other victim had received a direct apology. When contacted by Dispatch, Kim Saeng Min's label said, "We only heard about one of the situations from the main PD, and he apologized." The next day, they called back and said, "We just heard about the other situation through the main writer at the time. We only heard about one of the cases, so we didn't know about the second one. Is it too late to apologize?"

Recently on March 21st, Kim Saeng Min, the staff member, and Dispatch all met up. Kim Saeng Min recognized her and said, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." When the staff member asked to know why he hadn't apologized until now, he merely said, "I can only say I'm sorry. It's been 10 years. No matter what I say, it will be sound like I'm making excuses. I can only say I'm sorry."

A show he is currently on said, "We just saw the report, and we're currently talking about it ." His label SM C&C said, "We saw the report about Kim Saeng Min's sexual harassment. We are currently checking and will be releasing an official statement."

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